Food is Medicine & Here's My Prescription

Lydia Jarjoura
October 1, 2019

A big part of my life and my story is nutrition.

Changing my diet allowed me to get off of anti-anxiety medicine over 4 years ago; it allowed me to balance my hormones and eradicate health issues.  

I (very) often get asked what types of foods I eat and what products I use for my skin, so I thought I'd share it all with you in one post! I've created a list below of my "can't-live-without" food and body products. Enjoy!


Being intentional with the water that I drink has been one of the best health decisions that I’ve made! We are mostly made of water, so it’s only natural that our body craves it in the freshest, most pure form.  

After I made the switch from filtered water to spring water, I noticed a huge difference in the taste the results of spring water. I no longer have dry skin since drinking spring water!

Filtered water, while better than tap water, isn’t alive; the good minerals (along with the bad) are filtered out of it. Often, filtered water is tap water that has been stripped of chemicals and additives. I prefer for my water to be like my spirit; vibrant and full of the good stuff! 

Here in Austin, I buy Mountain Valley Spring water; it’s bottled directly from the source – a natural spring located in the Ouchita Mountains in Arkansas. (I grew up in Mississippi and went to college in Arkansas and these mountains feel like home to me; I’m proud to support a company that ethically and sustainably provides such a life-giving product!)



This is my biggest staple food and one that I eat each day.  

The probiotics in yogurt help you break down your food so that digestion becomes a much more easy process. I have more vitality and energy throughout the day when it’s not all wasted on digestion! My favorite yogurt: White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt; is from a great company based in Austin Texas. 

From the White Mountain website, 

"Yogurt is a member of a class of food termed "super foods". Yogurt, cheese, butter milk, kefir, bread, tempeh, shoyu, pickled foods, wine, etc., are all examples of foods that are the result of microbial or enzyme (yeast, bacteria, fungus, etc.) action on common foodstuffs transforming them into nutritional power houses by breaking down and altering certain food molecules into a more usable form. This allows for easier digestion of the food product and increased level of nutrient absorption." 

I love White Mountain Yogurt because they sell a huge gallon bucket (128 fl oz) that's really cost efficient. The gallon container is food-grade, BPA free and once I'm done with the yogurt, I make sauerkraut in the bucket!

Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of this are endless. It’s an immune booster, it’s great for cold and flu season and makes your skin radiant! I season everything I cook with this! My favorite ACV is Braggs!   

I make my own fire cider (see image below) and it keeps me healthy all year long.


Himalayan Sea Salt

I put a pinch of this in my warm lemon water each morning and it allows my body to hydrate itself each day! 

Regular table salts that are white, have the minerals literally bleached out of them. This is an all natural, and affordable salt that you can use on everything!


Grass-Fed Butter or Lard

In order for us to process nutrients (especially those found in vegetables) our body must have fat soluble vitamins that we can only get through eating meat or grass fed butter or lard.  I use lard or grass fed butter in every dish that I cook. I get my grass-fed butter from an Amish food store in Mountain View, Arkansas! 


Fermented foods are key for our body to be able to digest food and oh.my.gosh. Kimchi is my favorite! I love everything about it and the taste is so amazing on everything from eggs to sweet potatoes to brown rice.  My favorite brand is local to Austin and is Wildbrine Kimchi. It’s amazing and has so much flavor.  Now on to the body products; this was a hard one to compile because, honestly, I hardly do anything to my skin. When you eat right, your skin doesn't need any work! But I have listed my "desert-island" essentials, below!

Body Butter

This is my one beauty product that I wouldn’t want to live without. I make my own (you can order some here!) with shea butter, cocao butter, sunflower oil and lavender. I use only virgin, non-refined and ethically sourced ingredients.  It’s amazingly moisturizing and everyone I give it to swears by it! I use it on my body and my face after bathing. 


This is great for blemishes and/or face masks! I use straight up bentonite clay (I haven’t found a specific brand that I love quite yet) whenever I find a blackhead or blemish. I do a clay face-mask once a month as a “reset” for my face! 

Oregano Oil

I swish my mouth with this after I brush my teeth. Oregano oil is not only antibacterial but it’s also antiviral, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and soon much more. Not only does it benefit my teeth and gums, but my entire throat and body! Be careful when just starting out though, the oil is pretty spicy!

Aloe Vera

This is my go-to plant in my home. I always keep at least a few large plants around for whenever I cut or burn myself. It’s also great to use after shaving (or if you use an epilator, like I do!) as it soothes irritated skin.  


The Breakdown

You may have noticed that pretty much all of my go-to food and body items have one thing in common; they are local or made by small companies/corporations.  

I truly believe that we can speak our voice with our dollars. My purchases are one of the ways in which I "vote" for how I feel consumerism should be; people supporting hard-working businesses by being loyal customers.  

I'm lucky to live in such an amazing city like Austin where every store supports local businesses.  However, I still choose to shop in stores that are local, rather than going to big chain stores.  

For me, I believe that money involves karma and I'd like my money to have as much positive impact as it can. The products that I buy are more expensive than ones you might get at a big box store, but I don't spend my money on useless things, or things I don't need. So my budget allows me to spend more on my water and my food.  

Want to learn more about your own body, your hormones, and how to balance it all with the food you eat? Visit www.lunarnourishment.com to explore!

Lydia Jarjoura
Lydia is the creatress behind Lunar Nourishment: a women's empowerment platform. Through online training courses and private guidance, Lydia helps women remember ancient wisdom about their bodies and their cycles, so they can reconnect to themselves. Lydia lives in Austin Texas and is a certified health coach, a yoga instructor, a Reiki master and more. She’s passionate about sharing her story with others in the hopes that it gives them permission to be authentically themselves. You can read about her journey from anxiety to holistic health at www.lunarnourishment.com/about.


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