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Summer in Europe

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For the Love of Travel

Lindsey Dukes
February 17, 2019

Take advantage of our SALE and get away this summer - for the love of travel. Here's how!

Get Away This Summer - For the Love of Travel

The details:

WHAT: Book any trip for just $195 down and STILL save $200 off the regular trip price!

WHEN: February 11-18, 2019.

HOW: Select the deposit option in checkout & we'll invoice you with the discounted rate.

Note: The discounted rate will NOT be reflected in checkout. Don't fret! Your emailed invoice will have the discount applied.

This SALE is a crowd favorite for several reasons:

  • Only $195 to book any trip -- and there's no limit!
  • You save $200 off the regular price!
  • Your deposit NEVER expires!
  • Freedom to switch your trip (free) if you change your mind!
  • Our checkout system makes it easy to book with a friend!
  • Opportunity to book a more expensive trip and have time to pay it off!

PS. We've also added some brand new 2020 dates!

Is the sale valid for every trip?

Yes! Every trip is on sale! However, trips that are less than 60 days out will not quality since the remaining balance is due 60 days before the trip.

#powermove: combine this sale with the trips we currently have on sale!

Have more questions? Just shoot us an email or leave us a message on our chat box.

The Why

My love affair with travel has been a relatively short, but intensely passionate one.

My first trip abroad (other than Mexico, which living in Texas hardly counts as "abroad") was to Bali in July 2016. That trip was exactly what I needed to wake me from 29 years of sleepwalking through life. For the first time in my life, I was exposed to new cultures, landscapes, and ways of thinking that put me completely out of my comfort zone and challenged everything I thought I knew.

After returning home, I realized the only thing that I DID know was that I was absolutely, without a doubt, head-over-heels for travel. I wanted more.

That trip ultimately became the ember that would spark a wildfire of adventure in my life over the next few years. Since that first trip, I've traveled to Iceland, Peru, Bali (two more times), Thailand, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, and Costa Rica.

When I say that travel has changed my life, I don't say it lightly. My life has quite literally completely changed over the last three years. Got a divorce, quit my job, got rid of toxic friendships, the whole nine. Going through all of that wasn't pretty, but it was damn well worth it. Travel prompted me to get brutally honest with myself, and I will be forever grateful for that.

I've come to realize that it's not just the experiences and subsequent growth that I've fallen in love with though, it's also the people whom I've had the honor of having those experiences with. Under30Experiences has this weird way of attracting incredible humans, several of which have become some of my best friends.


I can only assume that several of you have had similar experiences when traveling, which is why we've decided to encourage you to keep pursuing your love of travel by hooking you up with a special deal!

Lindsey Dukes
Lindsey loves helping people become the best versions of themselves through her work as a fitness coach, and a U30X marketing ninjaette & occasional trip leader. She loves travel, adventure, music, deep chats, people, and all things yoga, fitness, nutrition, and human optimization.




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