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Local Guide/Trip Leader in Europe

As a Under30Experiences trip leader & local guide, your main role will be to facilitate unforgettable experiences for travelers.

You will have the unique opportunity to show people your country and region of the world.  

Under30Experiences is seeking amazing personalities and strong leaders to lead our groups.


  • Act as the day-to-day leader of the group delivering high levels of customer service and traveler satisfaction
  • Be an ambassador and liaison for your region of the world
  • Manage reservations for accommodations, transportation, and activities as required
  • Create digital media content for Under30Experiences like photos, videos, Instagram stories, etc.


  • Experience leading groups
  • Experience living, traveling, or working abroad. Our travelers are mainly North American; cultural knowledge about the United States and Canada is important.
  • European Union passport or EU residency permit for the entire EU
  • Social media experience  
  • Bilingual fluency: English + another local language (the more you speak foreign languages, the better!)

What Under30Experiences OFFERS you:

  • Opportunity to travel among your local country and within your region of the world.
  • Flights, transportation, accommodations, and 3 meals per day paid for by Under30Experiences.  
  • Paid training and reimbursement for CPR + First Aid Certification.
  • Be part of our Community: At Under30Experiences we like to say: “Travel connects us. Community keeps us connected.”
  • Experiences and friendships of a lifetime. During your time with Under30Experiences you will find yourself building friendships while exploring the world’s most awesome places.
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills like decision-making, managing group dynamics, organization, and public speaking.

Regions we are searching tour leaders for:

  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Ireland/UK (Scotland, England)
  • Italy

This offer is for seasonal employment. We are looking for people available to work with us between March & November 2018 depending on regions.

Job interviews will be between November 2017 & January 2018.

If you’re passionate, highly motivated, organized, adventurous and mature with excellent leadership and communication skills, please come and talk to us!

How To Apply:

Please submit your official application to work for Under30Experiences here.  You will be asked a series of questions, to highlight your experience, passions, skills, and any other relevant information, including language skills.

Please attach your CV or resume and 3 minute video cover letter highlighting why you’d be a great fit for Under30Experiences.

*The video cover letter can be as simple as the "selfie camera" on your phone. Our goal is to better understand why you'd like to get to know you better- not your ability to make a professional video.

Please send anything else you’d like to submit *after you fill out the application form* to

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