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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

a u30x community meetup Group

Dallas-Fort Worth Meetups

"This community brings people together from around the world."
- Katy Durkin

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Katy Durkin

I work as an Employee Communications and Engagement Specialist – meaning my job is to make sure everyone stays informed and engaged at work. It’s perfect because I love to be behind the scenes creating experiences and memories that bring others closer together - which is why I am a CM for Under30Experiences. Some of my hobbies are fitness, volunteering with a local event committee to plan festivals and traveling every chance I get. 

My first trip with U30X was to Costa Rica in November 2016. I went alone, because I don’t have many friends that share my same travel outlook. Little did I know that I would connect with some amazing people from all over the U.S. that also shared a love for adventure and travel – it was so refreshing and exciting to know that there were other people looking for that experience. I’m so excited to be a part of it as a CM now and can’t wait to meet everyone in the DFW area, and hopefully more lifelong friends on a future U30X trip.

mallory hatton

Mallory Hatton

Hi, my name is Mallory and I am addicted to traveling. I have always been curious about different perspectives that traveling brings and really like connecting with fun people. I am currently working on my yoga skills and always trying to find new recipes to cook and perfect.

I have been to Iceland and Bali with U30x. Two very different trips but equally fun. I really like how U30x strives for eco friendly tourism and the truly unique experience that exploring like a native brings to each trip! I am also planning on the France to Spain trip later this year! So excited.