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Raleigh-Durham, NC

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Raleigh-Durham Meetups

"What I think makes U30X so very unique from any other travel tour company is that the experience truly lives on."
-Angel Bailey

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Angel Bailey

Creative by nature, I spend my professional career in commercial production and creative strategy thinking up new and exciting ways to craft compelling stories through photo and video. The arts, travel, and wellness are the core of who I am today and through travel I am able to open my eyes to new experiences, cultures, and inspiration.

When I was first introduced to U30X it was a no-brainer - a travel company for young, like-minded adults seeking to expand their perspectives while meeting new people and experiencing new cultures - it was a perfect fit. What I think makes U30X unique is that the experience truly lives on. Through networked collaboration and community building, you're instantly plugged into a community that connects you with people all over the world. 


Katherine Black

I have always cared about empathy social causes, which makes my job a perfect fit. I am the Program Coordinator for Social innovation at Duke's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. So often people think innovation only lives in the business school, but here at Duke I&E, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are for everyone. 

I have been on several U30X trips including Explore Iceland, Explore Scotland, and am excited to be hiking the Inca Trail with U30x in August.