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Sacramento, CA

a u30x community meetup Group

Sacramento Meetups

"It was a great cultural experience and truly loved the experience so much I booked another trip months later!"
-Shay White

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Shay White

Hey everyone! I'm from Oakland, California but recently relocated to Sacramento. I work for a non-profit that serves Transition Aged Youth with mental health diagnosis. I'm currently working on becoming a speech therapist. Really excited to become a part of the community managers as I've love the U30X Community!

My 1st trip was Brazil in May 2015. I went on this journey with one of my closest college friends. I'd also had the pleasure or meeting two other U30X first timers who was attending the same trip within my local area. So it was great to go and experience this amazing country with people I already knew, but the best part was the amazing people I was able to meet living out an amazing experience!! I loved the experience so much I booked another trip!  My 2nd trip was to Costa Rica in April 2016. I had a great time meeting new people and spending days conquering new fears. I love how after the trips we keep in touch through our alumni groups!