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Trinidad & Tobago

a u30x community meetup Group

Trinidad & Tobago Meetups

"I was apprehensive about solo travel, but took the plunge."
-Arianne Dhanukdharriesingh

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Arianne Dhanukdharriesingh

My name is Arianne and I am a dentist who lives in Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean). My passions are travelling, experiencing different cultures and food and meeting new people. I am so excited to be an U30X community manager for Trinidad and Tobago so I can share my experiences with others and encourage them to go on amazing, life changing trips like I have. I strongly believe that experiences and memories are more valuable than material things. The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.

Experience on U30X trip-My first trip with U30X was to Iceland and it was nothing short of EPIC! My trip was life changing. I met amazing people and experienced beauty in Iceland that pictures could never do justice. Even after the trip, the friends I made on the trip continue to keep in touch.