Experience Credits

some gifts keep on giving

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What are Experience Credits?

Think of Experience Credits like U30X cash. They can be applied to any future trip.

Experience Credits never expire, there are no blackout dates, and they CAN be combined with any future promotion.

You can also gift them to someone else at no charge.

How do I redeem Experience Credits?

Redeeming your Credits is easy.

Simply book any trip & then send us an email letting us know you'd like to apply your Experience Credits & we'll reimburse you that amount. It will be processed immediately but may take a few business days to land in your bank account.

*experience credits may not be used retroactively

Questions, or to redeem, just email us: bookings@under30experiences.com.

How do I gift Experience Credits?

Traveling with friends is fun so we made gifting Experience Credits easy.

USE THIS LINK if you want to gift your Experience Credits. It takes less than 60 seconds & the recipient will automatically receive the credits right in their inbox.

Do Experience Credits expire?

Nope, Experience Credits never expire. And we'll always keep them on file until you're ready to use them.

Can I use Experience Credits during a sale or promotion?

Yes, they can be used for any future promotion we have.

AND they can be combined with a Community Code.

Are there any blackout dates?

No, we wouldn't do that to you. You can use Experience Credits for any trip, on any date.

You can gift Experience Credits!

Want to purchase Experience Credits for someone else as a gift?

Or, already have Experience Credits and want to gift them?

Send us a quick email and we'll get the ball rolling.

Want to Gift your Experience Credits?
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