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Traveling to Europe is a unique experience with over 40 countries and thousands of years of history all within a close distance to each other. Travelers come to Europe for many reasons like exploring ancient castles in Ireland, learning to make pasta in Italy, or relaxing on beaches in Greece. If you’re feeling adventurous you may even find yourself hiking across volcanic rocks in Iceland. Europe has something for everyone!

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-Try delicious Spanish cuisine
-3 Autonomous Regions of Spain
-Gaudí's architecture in Barcelona
-Night adventure hike in Granada
-Watch a Flamenco show in Seville
-Visit Madrid, the capital of Spain

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Scotland & London

-Hike Scottish Valleys & Waterfalls
-Scottish Highlands Immersion
-Traverse the Glenfinnan Valley
-Relive the magic of Harry Potter
-Enchanted Edinburgh
-Explore the heart of London

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-Explore Dublin & Kilkenny
-See the Cliffs of Moher
-Visit Rock of Cashel
-Traditional Irish Farm Visit
-Drink pints in Galway Pubs
-Play Ireland's national sport

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-Discover Ancient Athens
-Cycladic Island Villages
-Greek Cooking Class
-Sunset Kayak in Santorini
-Coastal Horseback ride
-Black, Red, & White Beaches

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Iceland Trek

-Trek otherworldly landscapes
-Breathtaking views away from tourists
-Volcanoes, glaciers, & canyons
-Experience lava fields & ash deserts
-Camp in the Valley of Thor
-20 hours of daylight while trekking

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-Glaciers, volcanoes, & waterfalls
-Stay in the Icelandic Countryside
-Viking folktales from locals
-Relax in natural hot pools
-Explore volcanic islands
-Stargaze for Northern Lights

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-Experience Agritourism 
-Explore Medieval towns
-Visit Rome-the Eternal City
-Eat Italian food farm-to-fork
-See Italy's natural wonders
-Live the Italian way of life

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More About Europe Group Tours & Trips

Is traveling to Europe safe? Especially, as a solo traveler?

Solo travelers have been backpacking across Europe for decades. The modernization of most cities helps keep everyone connected and comfortable. At Under30Experiences, safety is always a priority and your Trip Leader will always be able to advise you on the local area. We always recommend traveling light, leaving valuables at home, and staying with your group if you are concerned. It’s one of the great things about group travel, “safety in numbers!”

Will I have to know the local language? 

You will find that many people in Europe know multiple languages, English often being one of them. Menus can usually be provided in English. However, your Trip Leader will know the local language to help navigate situations when they come up.

What is the best time of year to visit Europe?

Europe’s peak season is the summer months, but spring and fall are very popular as well. Places like Ireland and Scotland can stay cool and rainy year-round, while August can bring heat waves in places like Spain and Italy where air conditioning is often unavailable. You will find almost all of our Europe trips have numerous departures in June & September to take advantage of great weather and avoid peak crowds. 

Iceland sounds like a cold place but it actually enjoys a very temperate climate. Even in October and November, you still rarely encounter freezing temperatures. In May, June, and July, you’ll find nearly 24 hours of daylight in Iceland, while in October and November you’ll find only 6-8 hours of daylight, great for seeing the Northern Lights.

Why signup for a group trip to Europe?

Here are just a few of the reasons we see travelers join our group trips: 

  • Not everyone wants to plan and research a whole country. Our trips include many of the best locations and activities in each country built for young adventurous travelers.
  • A guide is with you throughout your trip to help with local languages, lead you on hikes, teach you about the area, and make sure each day goes as planned. It can be reassuring knowing that you are always on the right trail or having a Trip Leader that knows backup plans in bad weather or has recommendations for extra activities.
  • Meeting great people! When you join an Under30Experiences trip you know you will be with a group of like-minded people in your age range.