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Travelers often describe their trip to Asia as one of the most culturally rich experiences of their life, sometimes even experiencing culture shock. Southeast Asia is incredibly diverse from temples and elephants in Thailand to local markets and cooking classes in Vietnam to palaces and monkeys in Indonesia. In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand offer all the adventure activities you could ever want. This area of the world has so much to offer, so we focus on simplifying things for you and delivering amazing experiences.

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-Sunrise trek on Mount Batur
-Snorkeling around the Gili Islands
-Local experience with a Balinese family
-Visit to the Sangeh Monkey Forest
-Private water purification ceremony
-Beach time on the Gili Trawangan

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-Island hop in Southern Thailand
-See Bangkok & Chiang Mai
-Observe & feed elephants
-Try local food at the night market
-Visit Buddhist temples
-World renowned beaches

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New Zealand

-One of the World's Best Train Expeditions
-Climb a Kiwi waterfall
-Marvel at towering glaciers
-Epic hikes & e-mountain biking
-Glamping & stargazing on a countryside lake

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-Experience the Taj Mahal
-Safari drives in Ranthambore National Park
-Exploring markets and historical neighborhoods in Old Delhi
-Heritage Tour in Jaipur
-Dining on incredible Indian cuisine

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Vietnam & Cambodia

-Vietnamese riverside lodge
-Southern Vietnamese Cooking Class
-Vietnam War Historical Site Visit
-Angkor Wat: 8th Wonder of the World
-Battambang by tuk tuk
-Exclusive Cultural Exchanges

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More About Asia & Oceania Trips & Tours

Is traveling to Asia safe? 

Safety is the number one priority at Under30Experiences, and we go to great lengths to make sure we build itineraries that offer something for everyone. Asia can feel intimidating to some travelers because of the cultural differences, but our Trip Leaders are locals who know the ins and outs of the area. If you ever have any doubts you can always ask your Trip Leader or just stay close to your group. Group travel equals “safety in numbers!”

Will I have to know the local language? 

In many places, you will find the locals speak English and your Trip Leader is always versed in the local language, whether it be Thai, Khmer, Balinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc. 

Fun fact: Indonesia has over 710 local languages!

What is the best time of year to visit Asia and Oceania?

Each country has different seasons depending on local weather conditions:

Thailand: You will find trips scheduled year-round here. The months of November to February are considered peak season with great weather. March - October is generally warmer but you will also find fewer crowds in most locations. We try to avoid the month of March because of the heat.

Vietnam and Cambodia
: The best time to visit Vietnam is spring, from February to April, and fall, August to October. The temperatures are more moderate and rainfall is lighter.

Most travelers visit Cambodia from November to March. If you prefer to dodge the crowds and go when prices are lower, the best time to visit Cambodia is from May to early October. Cambodia is warm year-round. 

Indonesia: The dry season is considered to be May to October. Temperatures remain hot and humid year-round. With over 17,000 islands it’s generally best to travel during the dry season to avoid travel disruptions while island hopping. 

New Zealand: The summer months of December to February are the warmest months, but the shoulder season before and after peak season and great as well. You will find this is when our trips are scheduled, as we do not operate the itinerary in New Zealand’s winter months.

Why sign-up for a group trip to Asia?

Here are just a few of the reasons we see travelers join our group trips:

  • Not everyone wants to plan and research everything to do in an entire country. Our trips include some of the best locations and activities in each country built for young adventurous travelers.
  • A guide is with you throughout your trip to help with local languages, lead you on hikes, teach you about the area and make sure each day goes as planned. It can be reassuring knowing that you are always on the right path or having a Trip Leader that knows backup plans for bad weather or has recommendations for activities.
  • Meeting great people! When you join an Under30Experiences trip you know you will be with a group of like-minded people in your age range.

Over 800 5-star reviews! 

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I've been to some fun and amazing places but Bali was truly a dream vacation come true. What really made the trip perfection was the U30X team. I now have a little Bali family." - Ayannah B. | Yelp Review