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Read The Millennial Travel Guidebook and join a community of thousands of young travelers who’ve changed their lives through travel and learned:

  • How to get over your fears of traveling the world as a solo traveler.
  • Why Millennials have more opportunities for world travel than any generation before.
  • What holds us back from buying a plane ticket and taking the plunge.
  • Making money on the side and saving for travel.
  • Finding the unique travel style that suits your personality and budget.
  • Finding the best deals on flights, car rentals, and accommodations.
  • Which credit cards, frequent flier miles, and rewards programs are the best.
  • Packing tips from the world’s experts.
  • How to build a lifestyle you love by following your own path.
  • How to become a travel hacker or digital nomad.
  • Where to go on your first trip and how to stay safe.
The Millennial Travel Guidebook is a Bestseller that has ranked #1 in Solo Travel, Travel Tips, Budget Travel, Air Travel, Central America Travel, SE Asia Travel on Amazon. It is available on Amazon Kindle, Audible, paperback, and hardcover.
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Reviews and praise from renowned world travelers:

"A thoughtful and thorough book for travelers of all types, loaded with tips and ideas to help you see the world on an everyday budget." -Scott Keyes, Scott's Cheap Flights

"This book is an invitation, a challenge, a resource, and will be the first stepping stone for many down that most important path." -Jackie Nourse, @TravelingJackie

"A spirited guide for a new generation, The Millennial Travel Guidebook is an excellent primer for anyone looking to hit the road!" -Dave Lee,

"Read this book and travel the world. You won't regret it." -Sean Ogle, Location Rebel

"As the world re-awakens to a new travel era and Millennials are poised to get back out in the world in force, having a valuable guide for the journey is just what is needed." -Shannon Stowell, CEO, Adventure Travel Trade Association

"Whether you want to be successful in business, or even a creative pursuit, start by getting worldly experiences. Let this book guide you on your path." -Jordan Harbinger, Top 50 iTunes Podcaster

"Anyone carrying a passport should have this book in their backpack." -Daniele Bolelli, The Drunken Taoist

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About the Author, Matt Wilson, CEO of Under30Experiences:

Matt Wilson is Co-founder and CEO of the travel company for people ages 21-35 Under30Experiences, and author of The Millennial Travel Guidebook. Under30Experiences has been named number 801 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America and number 198 on Financial Times 1000 list of America's Fastest-Growing Companies.

Matt was formerly the co-founder of the media site Under30CEO (Acquired 2016) and is the Host of the Millennial Travel Podcast and the Live Different Podcast on business, travel, health, and performance. He has interviewed everyone from NBA Legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar to the President of Starbucks. Matt's writing is published in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and The Huffington Post, and he is part of the invite-only Young Entrepreneurs' Council (YEC) comprised of the world's most successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Matt is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. He hosts yoga and fitness retreats in his free time, and his personal mission is to help people live more adventurous lives.

Reviews of The Millennial Travel Guidebook from Verified Amazon Purchases:

"Stop with the excuses.
When I was in college, I had a lot of friends who traveled during off semesters or for internships. To be honest, I was always afraid of falling behind in school or thinking that the cost of travel was going to be so expensive. I also didn't really know where I would stay outside of the traditional hotel.

Also - how was a student supposed to pay for all of that?

Well, as this book shares, things have changed quite a bit since then. Sure, knowing how to leverage credit cards for frequent flyer miles is still a thing, but there's just a ton of apps and other "secrets" that are available today that I didn't know about or have access to when I was considering traveling around the world back in the late 2000's early 2010's.

Anyway, as a Xennial (a Millennial/Gen X hybrid), this book still applied to me. If you REALLY want to get out there and experience life around the world instead of living vicariously through those who have, let this book be a resource for you to actually get it done!" -JC Preston

"Excellent Travel Guide For Anyone at Any Age!
This book is geared towards millennials yet is really a guidebook for anyone at any age who wants to set off on an adventure of a lifetime and just needs a little helping hand to get them started. The author and travel expert Matt Wilson takes you from the 'dreaming about travel' stage - with mindset tips and ways to finance your travels to the 'living the dream' stage where you are out on your adventure and may need some very comprehensive information and advice on topics such as safety and health concerns.

As a former travel writer who spent nine years living and traveling in South America as a single parent - I can vouch for both of those chapters, they are excellent and cover all the basics plus many things you most likely would never have thought about.

Matt's personal journey from entrepreneur-wannabe living in New York to full-time traveler running a successful company in Costa Rica is shared in little personal vignettes throughout the book (including his wedding engagement, congrats to Matt!) which helps give the reader a real-life view into what it's like to adventure abroad, make mistakes, experience personal triumph, and live the dream.

If traveling (and possibly living for an extended time!) abroad and adventuring out of your current comfort zone is your dream, this book is for you :)" -Molly McHugh

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this book just for millennial travelers?
No, Under30Experiences is a travel company for people ages 21-35 so our CEO wrote a travel guide for millennials, but you don’t have to be a millennial to take advantage of these strategies. Many of our readers are Gen X and Gen Z readers!

Is this book just for international travel or is it good for USA camping and hiking trips
This book is mainly focused on international travel, but all the travel tips and strategies can be applied to trips within the United States. There isn't a lot specifically about camping in the book, but most of the travel advice, specifically regarding outdoor safety will apply.

Is this book just for Americans? 
Most of the young people who travel with Under30Experiences are from the United States and Canada, so The Millennial Travel Guidebook is written with N in mind, but if you are from another country, these strategies and mindset will also work.

Is this book good for female solo travelers?
The Millennial Travel Guidebook is full of travel tips on staying safe abroad, how to talk to your friends and family about traveling, where to go on your first trip, when to travel in a group, etc. It is written specifically with female solo travelers in mind.

Will travel hacking hurt my credit?
Many travel hacking gurus recommend opening many credit cards to take advantage of sign-up bonuses.The Millennial Travel Guidebook tells you how to find cheap flights, cheap hotels, and make your money go further abroad without hurting your credit. It isn’t necessary to sign-up for multiple credit cards to save money on travel, but most experts believe having a several credit cards open is good for your credit.

Do I need to quit my job and become a digital nomad to take advantage of the strategies in this book? 
The Millennial Travel Guidebook has been written for all levels of travelers, including people who love their jobs and the communities where they live and work.  This book will help you travel more often and if you wish to travel long term you can, but it’s not a necessity. There are also strategies outlined in the book for people who wish to negotiate a gap year, hiatus, sabbatical, or remote work.  

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