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How is U30X different?

U30X an Experience company, not a travel company.  Check out our Why U30X page, but here are the basics:

1. We aim to be travelers, not tourists.
2. U30X is a community of ambitious young people.
3. We make traveling affordable and stress free.
4. Our trips are for 21-35 year olds.
5. Our Reviews are impeccable. (Read them on Facebook or Yelp!)


Who should come on a U30X trip?

Over 70% of the people that come on our trips are solo travelers and this is why.

Attendees normally range from ages 21-35 and are from the US and Canada but U30X has given amazing experiences to people from every inhabited continent. And yes, many have been over 35.

Our age minimum is 21.  

Many people in our community are professionals, creative types, students, entrepreneurs, and motivated people just figuring it out. Most people come alone, but lots of people come with friends, significant others, or anything in between.

Please, no divas, egos, or complainers.  Yes, you might see bugs, and yes, your trip will be awesome!


I heard U30X has my back.  How so?

We know how hard it is to take off work and pay for travel, so here is how we can help you overcome those obstacles:

-Most trips overlap the weekend and/or holidays so you can take off minimal time from work or school.  

-It's only $195 down to reserve any trip! Valid only for regular priced trips & must be paid in full 60 days prior to departure date.

Our “Switch Your Trip” program should be called the “Sh*t Hit the Fan” program, because when it does, you can switch your departure date to any future trips.  Read on...


What is your cancellation policy?

Experience Credits 
We know life can throw unexpected things at all of us and can disrupt even the best laid plans. For that reason we have developed a very flexible transfer policy for all of our travelers to take advantage of. 

Experience Credits are the exact dollar amount you paid for your trip with us.  We don't take a cut or try to con you out of your hard-earned money...

-No penalties or fees.
-No blackout dates.
-No expiration on funds...ever!

We've tried to make this as simple as possible for you...just give us at least 30 or 60 days notice (depending on the trip) and you can switch your trip for free, or place your Experience Credits on hold.  

Don't worry if you can't commit to another trip date right now. When you're able to make time for another experience just let us know what trip you want to use your credits for!

Experience Credits are Giftable!
Can't travel with us for the foreseeable future?  You can give the gift of travel to your friends and family.  Experience credits are 100% transferable to your friend, sister or significant other!

Emergency Cancellation within 30/60 days: Refer to your travel insurance
If you need to cancel your trip due to a last minute emergency your travel insurance may cover you for some expenses.  You'll need to consult directly with your travel insurance company for specifics.  

We are not able to transfer or hold any credits within 30/60 days of the trip.

Forced Cancellation
Of course if WE were forced to cancel the trip because of mother nature or lack of participants we would refund you the cost of the trip in full.  However, this rarely happens.  Our problem is usually not having enough trip dates to meet demand! 

*This policy is for all travelers on all trips unless otherwise stated at signup or on the trip page.
*Experience Credits are able to be gifted one time only.
*Experience Credits are able to be transferred to another trip one time only.


What are your deposit & refund policies?

All trips offer the chance to reserve your seat with a $195 deposit. After the deposit has been paid, the remaining balance is due 60 days before departure. Failure to pay your trip balance on time will result in the loss of your deposit and seat on the trip.

All trips are non-refundable prior to attending.  A one time transfer via our “Switch Your Trip” policy is available up to 30/60 days before departure date. For more information please see above.


How does booking flights work?

You are responsible for booking your flights for arrival and departure on the trip. Flights are never included in our prices.

After registration, we send out flight booking instructions that details when you should plan to arrive and depart.  Please don't book your flight until you hear from us.

Each trip has different flight instructions so feel free to ask for help! If booking a flight outside of our designated times you may be responsible for your own transportation costs to and/or from the airport.


Do you have last minute deals?

Yes! When travelers take advantage of our “Switch Your Trip” program last minute slots open up on sold out trips. Visit our Trips On Sale page for the latest last minute deals.

Sign up to the list to be notified.


What is included & Not included?

Every trip includes all accommodations during the experience, breakfasts and dinners, daily transportation, airport pickup and drop-off, entertainment, local guides, and Under30Experiences staff.  Please see individual trip pages for details about activities.

What’s not included? Airfare, travel insurance, incidental expenses, most lunches, alcohol, and any visas or entrance or departure fees into the destination country.


What about travel insurance?

Each Under30Experiences attendee will be responsible for booking their own travel insurance 30 days prior to attending our trips.  It is mandatory that all attendees obtain travel insurance with a minimum coverage of $200,000 USD while traveling with Under30Experiences. Such insurance must cover personal injury, medical expenses, loss of or damage to luggage, repatriation expenses, and evacuation expenses.

Our recommended vendor is World Nomads where you can receive a variety of benefits including adventure travel insurance.  Please note that you have the choice to use any travel insurance provider you’d like as long as you send us proof of insurance, as it is required for our trips. Failure to provide accurate proof of insurance prior to attending our trips will result in cancellation.

Travel insurance plans typically offer coverage for unforeseen circumstances such as:
Pre-trip sickness or accidents that prohibit you from traveling
Unexpected hospitalization
Medical evacuation
Death in the family
Lost luggage, delayed/cancelled flight
Stolen passport
Lost or damaged gear

*List of benefits depends on which company/plan you purchase. This non-comprehensive list was taken from


Are your locations safe?

Precautions should always be taken when traveling abroad, but we wouldn’t bring you anywhere we wouldn’t want to go.  Our staff has extensive experience in the countries we visit and are accompanied by locals. That being said, everyone needs to be responsible and conscientious of their own well-being.  The U.S. State Department advises to take caution abroad just as you would in any U.S. city with a high crime rate, especially in regards to petty theft. Our hotels always have security measures in place and on our day trips we are always accompanied by someone who knows the local area.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes! We love when our community grows.  Any friend of yours is a friend of ours.  

We will make sure you are in the same room, but please specify sleeping arrangements during registration so things don't get weird :)


Will I have a roommate?

Yes. Under30Experiences are designed for young people who want to connect with each other and make friends from around the world.

Many U30Xers end up traveling together in the future, organizing reunion trips, and even attending each others weddings.


Tipping Trip Leaders

Our Trip Leaders do not accept tips. We are all part of a community and Trip Leaders are there to help build that. We aim for travelers to feel comfortable with our staff and become life-long friends.

A simple thank you, a friendship, and maybe a hug is all the 'tip' they need.


Can I connect with fellow travelers before the trip?

Yes!  As soon as you receive a pre-departure email, you will be invited to join a unique Facebook Group for your trip. Here you can meet other attendees, plan your own independent adventure after the trip, or grab a drink in your city. This happens roughly 1 month before your departure date.


Have a question we didn't cover?

"I sent an email to U30X asking a bunch of questions & the very next day someone called me & totally put my mind at ease. From day 1 they made the planning process smooth and simple." -Maria M. Yelp Review

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