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Jordan is home to stunning natural landscapes, world-renowned historical sites, and interesting religious monuments.

If the sites and landscapes don’t impress you, then the people definitely will. Jordanian people are among the most hospitable people in the world. You will be amazed at how many invitations you receive to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.


Trip begins at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) at 4:00 p.m.
Please book arrival flight a few hours before this time.

Arrival time is not mandatory but guarantees included group transportation.


Trip ends at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) at 11:00 a.m.
Please book departing flight a few hours after this time.

Departure time is not mandatory but guarantees included group transportation.

Physical Activity:


This trip is relaxing and includes light activities with optional moderate activities. Participants can decide how much time they spend being active. No physical preparation is required to make the most of the experience.

Physical Activity:


This trip is a good mix of activity and relaxation and includes moderate physical activities. Participants should expect to be active 3-4 hours most days. An active lifestyle is helpful though not required to enjoy the trip.

Physical Activity:


This trip is for those who enjoy being physically challenged and reaping the rewards. It includes moderate to intense physical activities and participants should expect to be active 6-8 hours most days. Participants should have an active lifestyle.

Cancellation Policy:

Very Flexible

This trip has a 30-day cancellation policy. Give us at least 30 days notice and you can switch your trip for free, or we'll hold your Experience Credits for future use.

Cancellation Policy:


Because this trip has non-refundable tickets we have a 60-day cancellation policy. Give us at least 60 days notice and you can switch your trip less $195, or we'll hold your Experience Credits for future use.

Cancellation Policy:


Because this trip has non-refundable tickets we have a 60-day cancellation policy. Give us at least 60 days notice and you can switch your trip for free, or we'll hold your Experience Credits for future use.

Trip Overview

Day 1

Welcome to Jordan

Arrive at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) and take included transportation to our hotel located in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Take in the unique blend of old and new, where the modern, commercial heart of the city mixes in with traditional coffee shops and tiny artisan workshops.

Join your new friends for our first dinner together at a local restaurant and begin to settle into your new surroundings.

Day 2

Amman to Wadi Rum

Take a guided walking tour to discover the history of Amman with a visit to the Citadel. This historic site boasts one of the largest Neolithic settlements ever discovered in the Middle East.

Learn about the Bronze Age Tombs, see the iconic Temple of Hercules, and walk along the ancient walls to the Roman Theatre.

Drive out to Wadi Rum, one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Admire the dramatic sandstone and basalt mountains that jut out from the sandy floor as you settle into your tent for the night.

Day 3

The Valley of the Moon

Immerse yourself in the magical desert landscape on a four-wheel-drive jeep tour.  

Climb up sand dunes for magnificent views to take in the different colors of rock and sand. Hike around boulders and inside canyon walls to discover ancient inscriptions of the Camel Caravans.

Enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner and relax under the stars of the desert night.

Day 4

The Lost City of the Biblical Nabataean

Say goodbye to your camp hosts in Wadi Rum and drive over to Petra, the ancient city founded by the Nabatean 2000 years ago.

Begin your exploration through this ancient city with a walk through the Siq, a long narrow fissure between two overhanging cliffs.

Visit the Treasury, or Al Khazna, Petra’s most magnificent facade. You may recognize it from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Day 5


After breakfast, gear up for another visit to the ancient city of Petra. Opt to Begin at Little Petra and hike along sandy plateaus and stone staircases, crossing paths with goat herds and Bedouin campsites.

Visit the Monastery, or Ad Dier, an impressive seven-story structure with a doorway that’s over 25 feet tall! Explore the numerous rock-cut halls and inspect the crosses inscribed on the interior back wall during its Christian use in Byzantine times.

Enjoy an afternoon of free time to explore other sites of the Petra Basin. Perhaps opt to return for a night tour through this incredible place.

Day 6

The Dead Sea & Madaba

Say goodbye to Petra and begin your journey to Madaba. First stop will be the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth! Spend time relaxing in the water and discover how effortlessly you can float in this super-salty water.

Arrive at Madaba, the city of Mosaics. Visit Mount Nebo, mentioned in the Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land before his death.

Gather together with your new friends for a final dinner in Jordan as you share your experiences and reflect on your journey.

Day 7

Relaxation & Departure

Wake up and enjoy a stroll around town or perhaps visit Saint George’s Church, which is home to the oldest mosaic map of Jerusalem

Say goodbye to your new friends and take included transportation back to the airport. Be sure to ask your Trip Leader for suggestions if you are extending your stay.

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Day 8

Day 9

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What's Included:

  • 7 days & 6 nights shared accommodations in boutique hotel rooms with 2 nights in a traditional Bedouin tent at a desert camp
  • 6 breakfasts, 1 lunch, & 4 dinners
  • Guided walking tour of the Citadel in Amman
  • Four-wheel drive jeep safari in Wadi Rum
  • Guided tour through Petra
  • Guided hike along the back-trail of Petra
  • Opportunity to float in the Dead Sea
  • Visit to Saint George’s Church in Madaba
  • Private airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Private airport drop-off upon departure
  • Under30Experiences Trip Leader
  • Personal recommendations for optional activities
  • The chance to meet some kick-ass people
  • Access to the Under30Experiences Community
  • Taxes always included, never hidden fees, & NO blackout dates

Book with confidence: it's free to switch your trip more than 30 days out.
Travelers are responsible for airfare to and from Jordan.
Optional activities and associated transportation are not included.
All Under30Experiences trip prices are in USD.


7 days / 6 nights

Early Signup: $1,395

Regular: $1,595

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