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10 Tips For Traveling Cheap

Audrey Throne
February 19, 2024

Most of us love to travel and explore new destinations, but a lot of things hold us back. Among them, money is the most oft-quoted deal breaker. It’s the one thing that prevents most of us from stepping out and exploring exotic lands. This article is for all those who think you need to be super rich to travel. There are several ways to travel cheaply to any country and save money. The article compiles ten tips that will help you see the world on a budget.

1. Plan your trip:

Before you set out on a trip, it is important to do some research about the destination. Knowing a little about the country, its people, culture, customs, and food, etc. will save you from a lot of hassle. A little research will let you know about the expensive cities which you might want to avoid. Likewise, you should also plan the places you will visit and the amount of time you will spend there. Coming up with a plan is particularly important in case you are a budget traveler because leaving less chance will save you unexpected spends.

2. Choose your airline wisely:

Flying can cost you a lot of money if you do not choose the right airline for your journey. A budget airline can save you some money if you are clever enough to avoid the additional charges. You may be charged some extra money if you are looking for better perks, like a seat of your choice or want to set together if you are traveling in a group. You may get charged for a bag fee, even if you do not check your luggage. Budget airlines can save you money if you are prepared to sacrifice a little comfort.

3. Travel in off-seasons:

Traveling during peak seasons can cost you more money, so it is prudent to avoid peak season travel. Prices of airlines, hotels, and food hike up during the school holidays and on occasions like Christmas, Easter, Eid, and Diwali. You can save a lot of money as airlines and hotels lower their prices to attract customers. Besides, you also avoid crowds at your destination.

4. Eat the local food:

For budget travelers, it is advised to eat what the locals eat. Overpriced cafes and restaurants can cost you a lot of money that you can otherwise save by going to the local spots that serve up fresh meals. This way you can get a much more authentic experience. Also, it is better to avoid eating near famous tourist attractions because the food there is inevitably expensive. Cooking your own food, or making yourself a sandwich or a burger can save you big bucks.  

Tourists enjoying some food at a local restaurant

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5. Save money on transportation:

Transportation is a major factor that eats away a lot of our money while traveling. Familiarizing with the public transport system can save you a lot of time and money. Local buses and trains are cheap and offer more opportunities to meet and know the local people. Services like Uber can also be availed as they are more economical and trusted than local taxis. Owning transport is a better option if one plans to stay for long in one place. We buy cars or bikes to avoid the hassle of public transport, however, it can get more challenging at times, but that is why we travel. We are being challenged every day; We face a breakdown, a flat tire, lost again but we learn every day as we travel. Besides, it can be more adventurous, as it provides the opportunity to camp occasionally, sleep in our vehicle and save the money that will be otherwise spent on the hotel. At the end of your travel, you can get a decent value for the vehicle and get back your money.

6. Use a shared economy:

Using a shared economy can save you a lot of money as you can find cheaper accommodation, rideshares, and cheaper meals. The sharing economy websites like Airbnb (for accommodation), EatWith (meals), BlaBlaCar (ridesharing) have transformed the travel industry and made it much cheaper and more accessible. You also get in touch with the locals and learn a great deal about the place.

7. Use discount cards:

Never forget to make use of your student/teacher/youth or any other discount cards. If you have one of these cards, you can save money on flights, travel, shopping and a plethora of other things all around the world.  

8. Walk more:

You don’t need to take a taxi or public transport to every place you go, especially when you intend to save money. If the visiting spot falls around 5 miles, it should be a walking distance for you. Walking by the local shops and local people can provide you with the most rewarding and culturally immersive experiences.

9. Earn while you travel:

There are countless opportunities to earn money on the go these days. All you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection. Thanks to ever-increasing internet penetration, freelancers can now earn a good amount of money in less time around the world as they travel. If you are a professional, you can also earn money without taking a long-term job, for instance, by teaching skiing on a winter season or teaching a language in another country. The opportunities for earning money are numerous if one puts in a little time and effort.

10. Be flexible with your plans:

When you are traveling on a budget, it is possible that everything may not work out the way you planned. Bad things can happen to you from time to time, and you should be ready for it. You might get stuck in a bad situation and lose some money; you might not get a refund on something you were assured you will. When such situations of misfortune arise, you must embrace changes and adjust your plans accordingly.

If you are a budget traveler, you will discover and sometimes even invent some hacks to make your traveling cheap. But one thing on which there is universal agreement and which you must follow is, “Do in Rome as the Romans do,” i.e., go local, and you will find traveling not as expensive as people think.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne is a mother of a 2-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about health, technology, and management & blogs frequently on these topics.


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