5 Reasons India Is the Best Adventure Sports Destination

Rohit Agarwal
January 16, 2024

India is known for its rich culture, diverse traditions and unity amongst the varied religions and ways of life. 

While most of the travelers all around the world visit India in quest for spirituality, the amazing culture, or the delicious food and colorful festivals, there is also an equally striking aspect of India in the form of adventure. 

Be it the audacious mountaineering around the Himalayas, daring scuba diving in Andaman, the must-do trekking at Arunachal, or the adventure filled Goa beaches, India is full of intrepid and fearless activities for explorers to discover the unusual but adventurous side of this beautiful country. 

So, here are the top five reasons India is an important and must-visit destination for all those ready to face their fear with exciting and thrilling adventures.

1. Skiing in Snowy Kashmir & Uttrakhand

Auli, Photo by Anuj Kumar Garg

Kashmir, most popularly known as the Paradise of India, has been a significant attraction for skiing sports and snow activities.

Kashmir gets covered with beautiful snow in winters and the place gets filled with adventurers skiing and skating, enjoying daring yet delightful sports in snow. 

Also, Auli in Uttrakhand has recently become a favorite destination for skiing due to serene, beautiful surroundings with snow-filled slopes. 

So if you're looking for snow adventures in India, Auli and Gulmarg have you covered.

2. Mountaineering & Trekking in Himalayas

‍Uttarakhand, Photo by Sharada Prasad CS

Mountaineering and Trekking are great sports to explore in the Himalayas of Uttrakhand where these activities are organized. 

Garhwal and Kumon in Uttrakhand are the places where mountaineering sports are held amongst various other adventures like, skiing, rock climbing and trekking. 

Further, the north-east region of India has an amazing surprise for trekkers at the stunning valleys of Arunachal and Nagaland filled with greenery and dense forests.

3. Scuba Diving in the Waters of Andaman

‍Andaman, Photo by scheherezade

Want to discover the serene underwater aspect of seas and oceans? 

Then Andaman is the best place for scuba diving and exploring the underwater sea regions.

You can visit Port Blair where many scuba diving activities are taught at places like Havelock and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park for awesome courses available in scuba diving for beginners.

4. Adventurous Water Games in Goa

Photo by Swaminathan,

Goa stands as the most famed place for water adventures and surfing. It is also the most popular activity amongst tourists. 

Apart from this, sports like Kayaking, Parasailing and Jet Skiing are also a must-try at Goa beaches where there are plenty of instructors available to teach you these water sports. 

Water sports are great options to discover the fun-filled side of Goa adventures.

5. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh & Karnataka

Photo by Tony Leon

Another chief audacious sport is Bungee Jumping...which is now becoming quite well-known among Millennials. 

In India, this adventure is available at Mysore in Karnataka as well as Rishikesh in Uttrakhand.  

Bungee Jumping can be tried at Mysore to thrill your height-phobias, while Rishikesh stands as the most popular destination with its peak platform standing at 83m 😮.

A Country of Adventure

India is traditionally known for its serene solace that it provides through its spiritual religions.

But it has a wild side. From mountaineering to trekking, skiing to sea surfing, scuba diving to bungee jumping, India offers wondrous, fearless adventures for those who love to dare themselves. 

These adventurous destinations will not only thrill your guts but also make you see a more audacious and daredevil side of yourself which can only be explored here in the country of wonders: India.

Rohit Agarwal
An Inquisitive Traveller, Rohit, has a passion for exploring and discovering new places even the unusual yet adventurous ones, and leaving his experiences and travels at as a guide to the first-time explorers.


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