5 Street Foods You Have To Try In São Paulo, Brazil

Jen Morilla
February 19, 2024

Warning: When traveling to Brazil, DO NOT COUNT CALORIES.

No seriously tho, don’t even bother. 

You’re eat all the good/bad stuff for you anyways because let’s be honest here people, Brazilian food is on ‘fleek’. So whether you’re in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro you’re likely to find these top delicious streets you can’t miss out on!


Brazilian coxinha, a deep-fried chicken croquette

You’ll find this baby everywhere. 

This is one of the common street foods in Sao Paulo. Its a deep-fried, rain- drop shaped batter that is usually filled with chicken or chicken with catupiry. 

Sorry this isn’t for vegetarians! You’ll find most Brazilians stuffing their faces with a coxinha or two with a cold beer sitting outside talking with friends.

Pão de Queijo



These are by far my favorite and the most addicting. 

Probably the reason why I gained 10lbs while living in Sao Paulo for two months. These translate to ‘cheese balls’. They are made from cheese and cassava starch. 

Usually the thing to have for breakfast alongside a café com leite. 

Every single bakery in Sao Paulo has them so don’t worry you’ll never run out!


Brazilian pastel, thin-crust pie with assorted fillings

These little thin, fried squares. 

Usually filled with anything, but my favorite is with cheese! These things are delicious. They originated from the traditional Chinese egg rolls. In WWII then the Japanese arrived to Brazil they brought over their customs and traditions. 

Shortly after the Brazil culture adapted them to theirs. Making these little piece of heavens.

Caldinho de feijão

Brazilian Caldinho de feijão, black bean soup

This is also known as as feijoada. 

It’s a essentially a nutritious soup made from black beans and usually served at bars! It’s kind of like beans in chili. 

People usually have this at bars out of coffee mugs when it’s cold outside.

Açai na tigela


You can’t leave Brazil and now have some Acai berries. 

This is their speciality anyways. It’s frozen acai berries from the Amazon. If you didn’t know, Acai is a well- known super food. It’s low in sugar and high and antioxidants. Usually made with granola, banana, or honey. 

You can add more fruits or just blend it all together. Whatever your heart desires. You’re likely to find them in juice bars, cafes, and sometimes in restaurants.

Jen Morilla
Jen is a travel blogger and founder of, The Social Girl Traveler. She quit her New York City corporate job in February of 2015 for a budget and backpack and hasn’t looked back since. She aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same! Jen travels with clean water filters in backpack. She’s been to 33 countries on 6 continents and isn’t stopping anytime soon!


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