Adventure in Your Own Backyard

Lindsey Dukes
January 16, 2024


It's safe to assume that if you're reading this article, you have a healthy appetite for it. Why then, do we find ourselves not adventuring as often as we'd like?

Weeks, months, and even years fly by before we realize how long it's been since our last grand adventure.

"It’s too expensive."
"I can’t get time off of work."
"I have to fly so far to get out of the U.S."

The excuses go on and on.

Reality check: You can adventure in your own country, over a weekend, on the cheap.


Go on the Adventure

One of the coolest adventures I ever experienced was a camping road trip across the western U.S. from L.A. to Denver. A friend and I (whom I actually met through the Under30Experiences alumni network) packed everything we’d need into her mini cooper, and headed off for an epic 2 week adventure.

We hit up everything from Zion, to Grand Teton, to Moab & Canyonlands...and it was EPIC.

Craving this kind of adventure, but don’t have the equipment? There are ways to work around that.

There are tons of different companies that rent camping equipment, but if you want to one up the experience, you could always rent an RV or camper van!

Taking a road trip in a camper van is something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time. The only thing that’s kept me from doing it is the fact that I don’t actually have a camper van.

I recently discovered a company called Outdoorsy that rents campers, R.V.’s, motor homes, and camper vans and am SO EXCITED about booking a camper van for a trip to Big Bend later this year!

Adventure in Your Own Backyard

Even if you don't hit the road for a weekend, you can almost always find a worthy adventure within a couple of hours of your home. You just gotta create the time and space to make it happen!

If you've been sitting around waiting on a sign to get out this weekend, let this be it.


Lindsey Dukes
Lindsey loves helping people become the best versions of themselves through her work as a fitness coach, and a U30X marketing ninjaette & occasional trip leader. She loves travel, adventure, music, deep chats, people, and all things yoga, fitness, nutrition, and human optimization.


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