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Advocate for Your Health, Take Risks, and See Your Life as an Experiment with Jennifer DeSimone

Eric Aguirre
October 1, 2019

The Guest

Jen DeSimone is Under30Experiences’ Chief of Community and a certified life coach.

For Jen, fulfillment is the intersection of food, travel, work, others, and the self.

Her passion is to support people living their most radiant lives. As the Chief of Community for U30X and a lifestyle coach, Jen is able to support her passions and live a fulfilled lifestyle. She is also a strong advocate for the importance of taking risks in your life.

In her spare time she loves cooking vegan food, practicing yoga, and reading fiction.

The Episode

Today we bring you an exciting conversation with one of our very own colleagues from the Under30Experiences team.

We kick off the conversation speaking our relationship with food and how to feel empowered eating foods catered to your body.

Jen speaks about her health journey and how she approaches food choices as an opportunity to play as adults.

She also opens up about being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and how it impacted her to make a change in her meal choices.

In this episode we really dive in the topics of health, choices, diets, and how to begin crafting a diet that’s right for you

Nobody is going to care more to take time to learn about your body than you, so invest the time to find the content that speaks to you and peaks your curiosity.

Topics Covered

  • Being mindful around your food choices
  • Noticing patterns in your meals
  • Creating a positive relationship with the food we consume
  • How to stay open minded and stray away from diet dogmas
  • Creating enjoyment out of the food you eat
  • How to borrow aspects from different diets to create what’s right for you
  • Advocating for your health and sharing your story
  • Finding sources of content you enjoy on the topics of food, health, and diet
  • Finding your happiness and listening to what you need
  • How to find your tribe
  • Taking risks by seeing your life as an experiment

Quotes from the Episode

“What it comes down to is learning how to nourish your body in your own specific way”
“A big thing about being an adult is learning to play a little bit more”
“Your mindset [about food] and how you’re going to frame it matters”
“Identify what you’re actually trying to say versus how you’re communicating”
“Life is meant to be enjoyed and food is a such a big part of that enjoyment”
“Take full control of your health and don’t rely on someone just because they have a degree”
“Find those pieces of content that speak to you and peak your curiosity”
“When you just stop, pause, and give yourself that space to think, you have all the answers inside you already”
“The energy you put out is what you attract into your life”
“When you take risks you create that legacy for yourself”


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Online Content:

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"Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson

"The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabi Bernstein

"Rising Strong" by Brene Brown


Magic Lessons - Season One - Elizabeth Gilbert


Listen in Now, and begin advocating for your health!

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