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Black Friday Sale 2018

Cat Sullivan
January 8, 2019

We're having our biggest sale in history! Check out the details and learn why there is no better time to travel...

Just when you thought our Black Friday Sale couldn’t get any better, we outdid ourselves.

We’re proud to announce our biggest sale in U30X history.


It begins November 23rd at 12:01AM EST and ends November 25th at 11:59PM EST.

In other words, from the early morning of Black Friday until very late Sunday night.


Yes, it’s even better than last year.

Get$400 off the regular price of trips under $2,000 and $500 off trips over $2,000.

To redeem the sale, you must pay in full and book trips more than 60 days out.

If the trip is less than 60 days out, you can still get $200 off trips under $2,000 & $300 off trips over $2,000.

No coupon code is necessary. The Black Friday Sale price will already be reflected on the website!


To save at least $400, trips must be paid in full and booked at least 60 days out. For trips less than 60 days out, still save at least $200 on every trip.

The sale applies to ALL trips!

  • Starter Costa Rica Regularly $845  Black Friday Only $445!
  • Costa Rica Rainforest Regularly $1,195  Black Friday Only $795!
  • Colombia Regularly $1,195  Black Friday Only $795!
  • Tulum Regularly $1,295  Black Friday Only $895!
  • Yoga in Costa Rica Regularly $1,295  Black Friday Only $895!
  • BelizeRegularly $1,345  Black Friday Only $945!
  • Machu Picchu & Peru Regularly $1,495  Black Friday Only $1,095!
  • Costa Rica Adrenaline Regularly $1,595  Black Friday Only $1,195!
  • Costa Rica Extended Regularly $1,595  Black Friday Only $1,195!
  • IrelandRegularly $1,695  Black Friday Only $1,295!
  • Bali Regularly $1,695  Black Friday Only $1,295!
  • ThailandRegularly $1,895  Black Friday Only $1,495!
  • Inca Trail HikeRegularly $1,795  Black Friday Only $1,395!
  • Italy Regularly $1,795  Black Friday Only $1,395!
  • IcelandRegularly $1,795 or $1,895  Black Friday Only $1,395 or $1,495! (season dependent)
  • ThailandRegularly $1,895  Black Friday Only $1,495!
  • France Food & WineRegularly $1,895  Black Friday Only $1,495!
  • SpainRegularly $1,995  Black Friday Only $1,595!
  • Yoga & Mindfulness in BaliRegularly $1,995  Black Friday Only $1,595!
  • Tulum & Belize Regularly $2,145  Black Friday Only $1,645 (automatic $400 off + $100 refund within 10 days) #TechProblems
  • Brazil Regularly $2,195  Black Friday Only $1,695 (automatic $400 off + $100 refund within 10 days) #TechProblems
  • Galapagos Islands Regularly $2,795  Black Friday Only $2,295!
  • Amazon & Machu Picchu Regularly $2,695  Black Friday Only $2,195!
  • France to Spain Regularly $2,895  Black Friday Only $2,395!
  • Ireland, Scotland & London Regularly $3,095  Black Friday Only $2,595!
  • Iceland Trek Regularly $3,095  Black Friday Only $2,595!
  • New Zealand Regularly $3,195  Black Friday Only $2,695!

Have a question we haven't answered? Check out our Black Friday FAQ page for additional details.

This year for Black Friday, choose experiences over things.

Cat Sullivan
Cat is the Senior Marketing Specialist at U30X. She's a Chicago native with a passion for fitness and travel. She enjoys short walks to the fridge and bad karaoke.




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