France: A Food & Wine Tour

Marion Bres
October 1, 2019


The new and improved 6-day France trip now includes two nights in Paris.

We'll explore the city’s secrets with a local guide and enjoy a night cruise on the Seine river to see the most beautiful monuments of Paris.

Yes, including the Eiffel Tower.

Food & Wine

France is the home of wine and cheese, and that’s why we're taking you to one of the most beautiful regions of the country:  Burgundy.

Internationally famous for wine, it is also well known for its delicious food – especially escargots and epoisse cheese. 

In Burgundy, you will stay in a beautiful rustic house in the countryside and participate in a cooking class with the help of a French Chef. A real cultural experience a la française!

The France trip includes not only food and culture, but also nature and adventure. Our local guide will take you on a biking tour through the beautiful French countryside where you’ll feel like a cyclist from the Tour de France

At the end of your trip, we’ll take you back to Paris for an extra night where your local guide will take you on an included food tour where you'll enjoy some of the best bread, pastries, macarons, crepes, & cheese Paris has to offer.

Highlights of Our Trip in France

  • Explore Paris like a local and take a food tour around the city
  • Embark on a cruise on the Seine river to admire the beauty of the City of Lights
  • Get cultured at the castle of Fontainebleau, built during the 12th century
  • Explore the French countryside and relax in beautiful gardens on the property
  • Prepare dinner with a French Chef during a cooking class
  • Learn about the French ‘terroir’ and taste the famous ‘escargots’
  • Visit a winery that has been family-owned for generations and enjoy fresh French wine
  • Go on a scenic biking tour along the Canal of Burgundy

Did You Know?

  • There are more than 400 kinds of cheese made in France 
  • France is the largest country of the European Union
  • French Gastronomy was awarded UNESCO World Heritage in 2010
  • The Tour de France cycle race has been around for 100 years 

Ready to join us on our new France Food & Wine tour? Check out the full itinerary here.

Marion Bres
Marion is an Adventure Leader and Community Builder with Under30Experiences. She is a coffee lover and is always looking for meeting new people and pushing them to travel and get out of their comfort zone.

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