Got a Spare Day in Lima?

Amanda Martinez
January 16, 2024

Peru is one of those countries that has every type of lifestyle from the city slickers in Lima to the farm life in rural parts of Peru. 

But, if you find yourself in the capital city of Peru, wondering what you should do...I’ve got some great suggestions for you!

One of my favorite lines: "I adore everything that is not mine, like you for example."


Go paragliding off the cliffs of Lima and see the beautiful coastline and rolling waves. 

This area of Lima, known as Miraflores, is a hip, modern side of town.


Speaking of’s definitely a side of town that I would highly recommend. Right on the water, you’ve got good food and some great local spots to check out some music and dancing.


Catacombs Museum 

The catacombs museum is also known as Iglesia San Francisco Convent and Catacombs. These catacombs hold over 25,000 bodies under the church and tours run every 30 minutes. Definitely a must see!

San Cristobal 

San Cristobal is cross sitting atop a hill that you can see from the historic center of Lima. You can take a tour up to the cross and see it up close and personal. This hill this cross sits on is a favela and an estimated million people live in the area. Please though, be safe!

City Tour of Lima 

A great activity to do in Lima is to take a bus tour of the actual city. Lima offers so much and has different districts with plenty of parks, museums and churches that this is an easy way to see all of it in one day!

The churches are a sight to behold!

Parque de la Reserva 

Talk about the coolest fountain-light show ever! This is a place to check out at night. The fountains are flowing and there are lights flashing, even a story projected onto the water about Peru.

The light show was one of my favorite things I did!


Barranca is another region or district to the north of Lima that is on the coast. It’s known for it’s very boho vibes and a great place to relax and enjoy what Peru has to offer.

Historic Center of Lima 

This is just a no-brainer. This historic center is so rich of culture and history that you’ll get lost in a different era. The buildings, churches and plazas are a place to explore and experience what Peru is all about.

The historic center of Lima is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Sand Surfing 

Like to surf? Don’t mind the sand? Take a day trip out to the sand dunes of Peru and try sand surfing! Something you can’t do many places around the world.

Hacienda San Jose 

There’s a part of Peru that not many people talk about...the afro-peruvian culture. There was a time, in the 17th century, where slaves were brought to Peru to work on the farms of the wealthy. At this particular estate, they had created tunnels beneath the home as a way of trafficking slaves, to hide from pirates, and later on used as place for catacombs. It has a fascinating story that will give you look into the history of Peru that’s not talked about much.

Oh and I know it’s not mentioned as an activity, but make sure you have some good, local food in Lima. This city is known for the food, chefs from around the world come to cook and eat in Lima because it’s that good. My suggestions on food are ceviche, aji de gallina, alpaca meat, cuy (guinea pig), and some chifa! Make sure you also try a pisco sour and/or some chica which is beer made from corn.

Amanda Martinez
Amanda is an Adventure Leader and Content Producer for U30X. She loves exploring around, getting lost in new places and making videos of all the memories. 


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