How Traveling Can Change Your Mindset

Amanda Martinez
January 16, 2024

Did you know more than half of Americans don't use all their vacation time? It's a tragedy. 

Americans, you've earned those days and you need to take them.

And here is why you should use them to travel.

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It is life changing

Traveling has the power to change your life in many ways. 

First, when you use those vacation days for travel, you are opening yourself up to new experiences and extending your comfort zone.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something we talk about a lot because it is a vital tool that makes you grow as an individual. It breaks down those barriers that are holding you back. 

Once you let those barriers down or conquer them by doing something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you are letting yourself develop into a more experienced version of yourself.

It improves your mood

As soon as you step off the plane you're instantly excited, happy, carefree and lighthearted. 

You have left all your worries behind and become present in the moment as you navigate the novelty of your new environment.

Removing the stress from your life completely changes your mood and in order to do that, you usually have to do something that removes you from the stress. 

So why not take those vacations? Hop on a plane, and live in the moment. 

Change your mood setting to a carefree one that will enlighten your heart and your happiness.

It recharges you

Under30Experiences trip to Belize

The average North American works anywhere from 40-60 hours and skips out on vacations to cash in more money. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes the money isn’t worth it. Those vacation days are mental health days. 

Your brain needs a break from the constant work and your body needs a break from sitting at a desk. Your eyes need a break from staring at a computer screen.

Go to the beach and enjoy the vitamin D, let the salt water soak your skin and let the sand cover your body while you recharge. Reset your emotions, connect with yourself and allow your body to recharge.

It gives you a new perspective

Under30Experiences trip to Machu Picchu in Peru

My favorite part of traveling is that it gives you a new perspective. 

It provides a new way to perceive life, who you are, and how you spend your time.

When you travel, you meet new people, cultures, experience new things, embark on all sorts of adventures (good and bad), and perhaps even redefine your meaning of life. 

Because you are learning and gaining information from new places and people, travel can also shape you into a better, more well rounded person.

There’s so much to see and do in this world. I dare you to go out there and gain a new perspective, even if it’s just traveling to another state or taking a road trip.

It changes you for the better

Traveling changes who you are as a person for all the reasons stated above. It’s something that you don’t realize is needed until you do it. It brings out a different side of who you are as an individual.

Take advantage of the opportunities you have. It’s so easy to travel these days, and I promise you, it won’t be something you regret. 

You’ll never regret taking an adventure.

Do it for your mind. Do it for your health. Do it for you.  

Amanda Martinez
Amanda is an Adventure Leader and Content Producer for U30X. She loves exploring around, getting lost in new places and making videos of all the memories. 


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