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Mindful Hustle: Navigate Life with More Awareness for Peak Performance with Ash Kumra

Hannah Pinkerton
January 16, 2024

The Guest

Ash Kumra is a global speaker, meditation coach, community builder, and national radio show host. After being recognized as “an entrepreneur making an impact” by White House twice, he was awarded the EMPACT 100 award in 2010. Ash also worked on Startup America, an initiative backed by the White House that helped launch entrepreneurship programs across California.

Driven by his passion to change the world for the better, Ash co-founded YOUNGRY, an entrepreneurship movement for millennials, women, and inclusive entrepreneurs. Aside from giving entrepreneurs access to the best mentors, YOUNGRY also uses events, content, and mentorships so entrepreneurs can profit, hustle, and inspire others.

Ash also helps entrepreneurs thrive and become more purpose driven through meditation, peak performance, and mindfulness. He has spoken and shared his message to over 10,000 people across the globe. He has also interviewed over 500 luminaries including Dr. Drew, FitBody Boot Camp CEO Bedros Keulian, and Dr. Oz.

The Episode

This week’s episode talks about using meditation to connect with one’s purpose, being mindful of the judgement one places on situations, and what one can learn from situations that keep repeating themselves.

Ash also shares what mindfulness is for him, how people can live fun and productive lives while being mindful, and how to let things go when you’re being too hard on yourself.

For those who want to develop mindfulness, Ash offers this advice, “Before you really understand what is mindfulness, really master this concept of self-awareness.”


Ash Kumra


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