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Optimize Your Internal Environment Through Genetic Wellness With Dr Sharad Paul

Hannah Pinkerton
January 16, 2024

The Guest

Dr Sharad Paul, author of the book The Genetics of Health, has lived across the world over the years. In addition to being an author, he is also an evolutionary biologist and holds a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics/Master of Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. He is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy based on his groundbreaking research into the best skin lines for cutaneous surgery.

His Skin Surgery Clinic has one of the largest series of skin cancer patients worldwide, with over 100,000 consultations and 45,000 operations since the clinic opened in 1996. He initially trained in general and plastic surgery and is currently a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia, and is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners.

The Episode

Our episode this week is all about the role of genetics in health, specifically discussing wellness measures we can take based on testing our genetic background. We discuss the roles Omega 3 and Vitamin D play in health, the evolutionary basis for race as it relates to Vitamin D absorption, and how we can optimize our internal environment by carefully selecting what we put into our bodies.

In this episode, we discuss why skin tone is a predictive measure of athleticism due to natural levels of vitamin D and folic acid. He elaborates on why humans lost their fur but retained hair during evolution, while our primate relatives retained fur. Dr Paul also explains why underwater fish have vitamin D receptors, and why in Asia and Africa, even in impoverished areas, there are higher birth rates and fertility based on skin tone.

Did you know that polar bears and Inuit Eskimos have dark skin is because salmon is a staple of their diets? Since they consume so much Vitamin D from the salmon, there is no biological need for their skin to lighten to absorb more Vitamin D from the sun!

Dr Paul cautions that Vitamin D levels saturate in the human body after twenty minutes of peak sun exposure, then continued sun exposure begins to degrade the Vitamin D in the body. So the best way to get Vitamin D from the sun is in short bursts throughout the day. He also advises that consuming lots of calcium with low Vitamin D levels is a recipe for heart disease.

Dr Paul shares some general wellness measures that can be fine-tuned after genetic testing. His number one piece of advice is to eat unprocessed foods low in salt and sugar, move for flexibility and endurance, and live socially and positively.

Topics Covered

  • What people can understand about their own health, especially about their line of genetics
  • Should everyone get a genetics test done to see what health conditions they might be predisposed to
  • The role of genes in diet and exercise
  • Ancestral health and diets based on areas of genetic origin
  • How vitamin D affects overall health
  • Who should supplement with Vitamin D
  • The relationship between Vitamin D, Omega 3, Omega 6:3 ratio, and health
  • Top three recommendations for health from the inside out
  • How wrinkles can predict future health conditions
  • Thoughts on collagen supplementation versus injectables
  • Tips for reaping the Vitamin D benefits of natural sunlight without getting burned
  • Caffeine and coffee recommendations based on genetics
  • The genetic link between caffeine metabolization and deep sleep
  • Why medicine doesn’t always translate to health

Quotes from the Episode

We must look at genes as a blueprint but not our destiny. We are in control.
Test for wellness rather than illness. Until something is definitely curable, there is no need to test for that.
Stress has major health implications.
Everything in life is a combination of our genes and our environment. Focus on how we can optimize our internal environment.
You cannot have bad health and good skin.
Ancient man had 1:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. That ratio is 10:1 now. Inflammatory diseases go up when the ratio is increased.
Low Vitamin D indicates a not so good state of health.
The biggest advances we have made in longevity come from sanitation and clean water. That aside, primitive man was pretty healthy.
Eat, move and live. Three basic things to do without taking any medication.
Eat plenty of citrus fruit and peppers. The more of them you have the better for your skin.
Sugar is addictive because it binds to dopamine.
People have an obligation to start learning about their health and start learning about the science of health.
Just like law doesn’t always translate to justice, medicine won’t translate to health unless you take personal responsibility.


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“The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes For Better Health” by Sharad Paul

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