Our Revamped Costa Rica Adrenaline Trip

Maricruz Acosta
January 16, 2024

In 2018, we launched our Adrenaline Trip in Costa Rica. We ran six inaugural trips and sent dozens of happy travelers to one of the most adventurous countries in the world. 

We're always striving to deliver the best experiences to our travelers and that's why we're constantly looking for ways to make our trips even better! For our 2020 Costa Rica Adrenaline trips, we've decided to add two days on the beautiful Caribbean Coast! After 5 days of adventure you'll get the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Puerto Viejo.

Here’s a little more about where we go on the trip:

Turrialba Valley 

Turrialba is a small town located near Cartago and the border of Limon province. It was very popular in the 80's-90's but when the railway stopped service in 1991 commerce slowed down. In the early 2000's Turrialba began to draw more people as whitewater rafting became more popular. Nowadays, Turrialba is well known for his rivers, the Pacuare and Reventazon, the Turrialba Volcano, and its sugar cane plantations.

During our time in Turrialba we'll rappel down waterfalls, mountain bike, and zip-line through the jungle. We'll also visit a local coffee plantation, climb to the top of a 310 foot waterfall, and take a dip in natural swimming holes.

Mountain Biking in Turrialba

Pacuare River

The Pacuare has been named “one of the most beautiful rivers in the world” by National Geographic and among the top five rivers in the world for whitewater rafting. It is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and is home to the indigenous Cabécar people and unique wildlife.

Our host, Rios Tropicales, owns the Rios Tropicales Private Rainforest Reserve. In recent months, the Rainforest Reserve expanded a little over 432 acres (175 hectares) to now protect a total of 2,409 acres (975 hectares) of primary rainforest and pastureland being converted back to the rainforest. 

The first property in the private Rainforest Reserve was purchased in 1989 by Rios Tropicales. The property encompasses 90 acres along the Pacuare River where the Rios Tropicales Eco-Lodge is now located.

On our trip we'll embark on a two-day white water rafting adventure through the rainforest!


Parque Nacional Cahuita

The name Cahuita comes from the terms "Kawe" which means "Sangrillo" (local tree) and "Ta" which means "tip". The Cahuita National Park was named a National Monument in 1970 to preserve the coral reefs off the Caribbean coast.

Caribbean cuisine is known for using typical ingredients of the region, such as coconut milk, to prepare the famous Caribbean Rice & Beans "Rondón", in addition to "Patí" a meat pie of pastry with spices and hot pepper.

We've added two days in Puerto Viejo on the Carribbean Coast to our trip itinerary. After a high-octane trip, take your final day to relax in paradise. Soak in the crystalline waters on the coast, explore town on a bike, indulge in a massage, or just unwind in bliss.

Our mission is to make travel affordable for young people, so even with these improvements, we will not be raising the price on our Costa Rica Adrenaline trip! Can I get a Hell Yeah? HELL YEAH!

We're stoked to listen to our alumni's feedback and amp up this trip for you! So, who's coming with us?!

Maricruz Acosta
I am very passionate about my country and the beautiful things I can show to people. When I am not working I love to explore different locations, cultures, and unique restaurants in Costa Rica.


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