Overcoming Anxiety, and Falling in Love with Small Group Travel

Max White
January 16, 2024

It's a nightmare scenario for people who have anxiety and would call themselves an extroverted introvert (that’s me). You're just days away from a week-long trip to a new country, with 12 complete strangers and doubt starts to creep in.

Overcoming Anxiety

When I parked at the Toronto Pearson Airport on the day of my flight to Ireland with Under30Experiences, I panicked. I thought of all the things that could go wrong and started trying to talk myself out of going. Might as well say goodbye to the more than $2,000 I had already invested in the “almost” trip of a lifetime.

There were a million thoughts going through my head: 

What if I don't get along with the people who are there? What if the hotels suck and I can't sleep? What if the food is bad?
What if the trip leaders aren't fun and what if I fly all the way there, hate it and just want to come home?

I was so close to packing it all in and going home, but then I didn’t – and that’s when something amazing happened: I had the time of my life.

Falling in Love with Small Group Travel

I’m here to tell you to get out of your own head. If you’re thinking about booking a trip with U30X, and find yourself doubting everything, stop. Take the chance. I promise you, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Here’s why you’ll love it…

1. The people are awesome

There was no reason for me to be worried about not liking the people on the trip. How could I not like them? We were all there for the same reason! 

The people you'll be traveling with are there because they want new experiences, to meet new people, and may not have a travel partner. Whether it was getting tea or shopping or hanging at a bar, I actually found myself spending more time with people in the group than flying solo.


2. The places we stayed were perfect

For me, I didn't spend much time in the lodging when I wasn't sleeping, but U30X does a great job making sure that you're comfortable and you have what you need. In Ireland, we stayed at a hotel and two B&Bs, so every room had its own bathroom, two beds and it was plenty comfortable. 

3. Oh man, the food

Going to Ireland I thought we'd be eating at pubs, just kind of normal casual food. Boy was I wrong. 

Each meal in Ireland came with an appetizer and dinner, dinner and dessert, or all three. I ate things like steak, baked salmon, fresh fish, chicken, soup, death by chocolate cake, and more. Plus, if you somehow don't like the food, you get to choose your lunch!

4. The trip leaders are the best

Lauren and Jonno made me feel comfortable right out of the gate, and were always there to help. I actually consider them both friends, and they take the time to get to know you. 

If you have problems, they do their best to help you out. I recently had knee surgery and they kept asking how I was doing throughout the trip.

under30experiences-group-travel-blog-for-millennials-trip-leaders're not going to hate it or want to come home.

It's too fun to hate! SO. MUCH. FUN. Like I said at the beginning, if you're thinking of taking a trip and breaking out of your comfort zone, stop thinking about all of the bad things that won't happen and instead be ready to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Max White
Max is a journalist from Detroit, Mich. who recently went on his first trip abroad with Under30Experiences and was bitten by the travel bug. After the trip, he wants to expand his horizons and spend more time traveling and seeing the world. When he’s not working, you’ll find him planning his next trip, spending time with friends and family or listening to music.


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