Seven Untouched Islands in Thailand You Just Have to See

January 16, 2024

Thailand is known as an incredible destination due to its exotic culture, bustling cities, and natural beauty. 

The country boasts stunning islands that include turquoise waters and white sands. 

When you want to visit paradise, there are a few unspoiled islands in Thailand that are worth adding to your bucket list.

1. Moo Koh Surin National Park

Koh Surin in the evening | © Kent Wang/flickr

Moo Koh Surin National Park is located in the Andaman Sea and features five hilly isles. You'll find giant crabs, monkeys, and different types of birds. You'll also get a glimpse of plenty of reef sharks and turtles in the water.

Stay: Most people spend their time camping in tents on the island, which are available to rent through the park.  

2. Koh Kradan

Turquoise seawater at Koh Kradan | © Alessandro Caproni/flickr

Koh Kradan is known as one of the best islands to visit in Thailand because it combines luxury and natural beauty in one setting. The destination is part resort island and part national park, making it easy to take in the lush environment of the location that has been well-preserved. 

The island is tiny and secluded, making it easy to kayak around the land in just three hours. You can also lounge on the white sands while taking in the gorgeous views of the limestone outcrops in the distance.

Stay: The Reef Resort is an ideal place to book a room, which is located just feet from the ocean. You can enjoy a view of a coral reef and rinse off from the beach at their outdoor showers.

3. Koh Phra Thong

Koh Phra Thong | © Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Koh Phra Thong is ideal for tourists who want to spend time in a lush environment that has unique scenery compared to the other islands in Thailand. 

The destination is close to the mainland and is surrounded by acres of grasslands and untouched mangroves. Only two villages exist in Koh Phra Thong where the Moken people reside. While exploring the local area, you'll come across wildcats, sea eagles, snakes, otters, deer, and hornbills. When you want to spend time in the water, consider visiting the dive center to get close to the coral reefs.

Stay: The Golden Buddha Beach Resort is an ideal choice for its furnished clubhouse and interconnecting balconies. The resort is situated on a deserted beach and also features an on-site restaurant.

4. Koh Yao Noi

Stunning view over Phang Nga bay | © Alix Cazenave/flickr

Koh Yao Noi is one of the main islands you can travel from Phuket where you'll find sandy shores and lush mangroves. The location also offers fishing villages and plantations, which makes it easy to stay busy in the area. 

When you're looking for things to do in Koh Yao Noi, consider hiking where you can get beautiful panoramic views of the ocean. The destination is also ideal for adventure activities, and participating in agricultural demonstrations. The island is considered to be unspoiled because tourism doesn't taint the traditions and culture. It's important to respect the traditions by dressing modestly and avoiding the consumption of alcohol outside of resorts or restaurants.

Stay: When you need to book a room and find lodging, Coastal Escape resort offers a high level of Koh Yao Noi accommodation. You can book a room that offers views of Phang-Nga Bay and take advantage of the spa services that are available on the grounds.

5. Koh Tarutao

blog-Seven-Untouched-Islands-in-Thailand-You-Just-Have-to-See-natural-resources .jpg
Natural resources in Koh Tarutao | © Alix Cazenave/flickr

Koh Tarutao is a hidden gem in Thailand where there are not any known human habitations in the location beside government buildings and a ranger station. The island is only 57 square miles and was once used as a prison up until 1948. It is surrounded by Koh Tarutao Marine National Park, which has prevented developers from touching the land.

Stay: Guest rooms are available or you can pitch a tent in the park. It's an ideal place to kayak, hike on the center mountain, and lounge on the white sands.

6. Koh Jum

blog-Seven-Untouched-Islands-in-Thailand-You-Just-Have-to-See-hammock .jpg
Hammock by the beach | © taralucille/flickr

Koh Jum is one of the most quiet islands in Thailand due to its lack of roads and cars that are present. It's extremely remote, making it the perfect place to have plenty of adventure when you want to snorkel or swim in the water. 

Stay: You can book your stay at the Koh Jum Resort to stay in a villa or cottage on the grounds. The resort is even in proximity to a nearby ferry port and fishing village.

7. Koh Mak

blog-Seven-Untouched-Islands-in-Thailand-You-Just-Have-to-See-koh-mak .jpg
Makathanee Pier at Koh Mak | © neajjean/flickr

Koh Mak is only 40 miles off of the coast and has more palm trees than people on the island. The lack of residents in the destination makes it a quiet place to stroll at night instead of visiting a club. Many publications have also suggested that it has one of the top beaches in the world.

Stay: Those who enjoy plenty of luxury during their travels can take advantage of the high-end resorts that are available on the islands. Seavana Beach Resort Koh Mak is a popular option that allows guests to rent kayaks or bikes through the hotel. Each villa also includes beautiful views of the ocean.

No matter where you end up, remember to go slow and soak in the sunshine! 

If these islands piqued your interest, join us in Thailand for 10 days across Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Railay Beach.

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