Solo Travelers: You need to try small group travel and here's why

Nina Danielle
January 16, 2024

Solo travel can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be.

I first began to research group travel last winter, after plans with friends to go somewhere warm over the winter break fell through. A trip to the beach was something that I wanted to do with other people, not all by myself.

Under30Experiences was one of the first groups that came up in my search. Inspired by their call to driven, like-minded travelers, I joined a 5 day trip to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Here’s what I loved about group travel.

Logistics were all set


A shuttle was waiting at the airport to take us to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed at a beautiful villa in a nice area. 

We all had roommates, and our stay included a hot breakfast every morning. It was wonderful having such lovely accommodations, and not having to find them on my own.

Our guides knew the area

From the best places for a drink to the best surf lessons, our guides knew their way around. 

The Under30Experiences team took us to great spots and made wonderful recommendations for activities and meals.

We also had a tour of the nearby town, Quepos, where we got to understand the culture a little bit more.

And we couldn't miss a day of zip-lining through the jungle, and again, Under30Experiences took care of all the details for us so we could sit back and enjoy.

There’s always someone to go with

Traveling alone allows you to choose whatever activity you want, whenever you want...but the same is true for traveling with a group (as long as you choose the right travel company, of course).

With a dedicated team, adventurous, like-minded travelers, and so much to see, there is always someone ready to explore, go surfing, or run to the beach for sunset with you. 

If someone else wants to lie back and read a book, they can do that too.

The best part? You'll be surrounded by other travelers your age! For U30X it's ages 21-35 but other companies have travel for ages 18-30 and other age groups.


Enjoying zip-lining

Traveling alone is exciting but it’s great to be with other people who know their way around.

Safety is number one and there is an added level of it when there are local guides present where it is their job to look after your well-being. 

While they keep an eye out for you and accompany you on adventures, you can relax a little bit more and enjoy yourself knowing you are in good hands.

The Travel Community

One of the best parts of traveling with a group is meeting other solo travelers like yourself. 

While you make friends on the trip, the best is yet to come. After your trip ends, you become part of a travel community that connects you to more than 1,500 other like-minded travelers your age.

From attending local meetups in your city, to sharing travel resources and even planning future trips together, it is a great way to engage in a fun, engaging community.

Shared experiences are more fun

Experiences are best shared with friends.

My first surfing experience was with other adventurous young women. Every morning, a group of us did yoga together. We even pointed out sloths to one another in the jungle.

Therefore, if you're waiting on other people to travel, or your friends to finally take that trip, I highly suggest small group travel.

Don't let others keep you from taking a trip of a lifetime when there are companies like Under30Experiences that will keep you safe, show you a great time, and introduce you to a thriving like-minded community.

These trips are happening, with or without you, so pack up and go see the world.

To check out trips by Under30Experiences, click here.

Nina Danielle
Nina Danielle is a full time student and part time world traveller. She studies neuroscience at Carleton University in Canada, travelling on the winter and summer break and sharing her adventures on her blog,


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