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Take More Vacations with Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights

Matt Wilson
November 20, 2020

This week on The Millennial Travel podcast we have an interview with Scott Keyes, the founder and CEO of Scott’s Cheap Flights. In 2013, he found a flight deal he just couldn't pass up—a $130 round trip ticket from New York City to Milan. When he returned home, his friends and colleagues asked him to let them know the next time he finds a great deal. In a nutshell, that’s how Scott’s Cheap Flights came about.

Scott’s Cheap Flights newsletter aims to enable people to travel and see and experience the world. Unlike automated flight deals and alerts sent out by way of affiliated links, they leverage their team of human flight experts and innovative software to provide meticulously-vetted and high quality deals that are worth their members’ time and money.  Some are even mistake fares! 

To date, Scott’s Cheap Flights has more than 2 million members (and growing each day!). The total amount of airfare their deals have helped members save is already at a whopping $100 million! Scott’s Cheap Flights is run by a remote team with members situated in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly, they are making people's travel dreams attainable, one deal at a time!

So far, Scott has visited a total of 46 countries. He lists Oaxaca, Mexico as his favorite destination. He runs Scott’s Cheap Flights with co-founder and COO, Brian Kidwell.

Personally, I recommend the Scott’s service in The Millennial Travel Guidebook and gave Scott’s Cheap Flights a great review. Many people have asked if Scott’s Cheap Flights Premium is worth it, and I always say yes. Scott’s Cheap Flights is very legitimate--their mission is to enable people to travel and experience the world!

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In this episode of The Millennial Travel Podcast I discuss with Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights: 

-How to use Scott’s Cheap Flights.

-How to find cheap flights.

-When and when to find cheap flights.

-Is Scott’s Cheap Flights good for domestic travel or/or international flights?

-Scott also shares what the 24-hour rule is, the holy grail of the cheap flights world, and the cheapest time to book a flight.

-Travel hacking booking flights.

-Where to find cheap flights last minute

-What apps and travel hacks does Scott Keyes use?

-What blogs or other resources does Scott read? 

On finding the best flight deals, Scott has this to say, “The better the deal is, the shorter it’s going to last. So finding out about them early and being able to book early is really really key.”

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Resources from Scott Keyes: 

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Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson is Co-founder of Under30Experiences and Author of The Millennial Travel Guidebook: Escape More, Spend Less, & Make Travel a Priority in Your Life. He is host of the Live Different Podcast, Millennial Travel Podcast, and formerly Co-founder of He is committed to helping people live more adventurous lives.


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