To Travel Is To Live – Top Global Destinations that will Change Your Life

Stella Van Lane
January 16, 2024

Travel is by far one of the most empowering, enriching, and bewildering experiences for a human being, and it has the power to change your perception of life for good. Nestled in your own little neighbourhood in your hometown and “doing life by the book” is not really a great way to figure out your purpose under the stars, nor is the internet the gateway to the world around you. No, you have to go out there and experience it for yourself.

That said, the world is vast, and there are just too many things to see and do on this bustling little planet that you might not even know where to start. Here are the top global destinations you should visit at least once – locations that will end up changing your life.

Experience the other way of life in Kenya


If you have the opportunity to travel the world, consider yourself lucky. Most of the people living in poverty-stricken countries around the globe never experience the luxury of having running water or electricity, let alone the luxury of travel. This doesn’t mean you should feel guilty, this means that as a young, aspiring individual that can make a change, you should travel to these faraway lands in search of perspective.

Kenya, for instance, is a truly remarkable place. This is a land where hungry mouths are numerous, and water wells regularly run dry, yet the people such as the Maasai still uphold a culture of love, family, and acceptance. We can all learn from those who have nothing material to give, but instead can share with us the meaning and importance of love, solidarity, compassion, and equality.

Stargaze from the Atacama Desert in Chile


The majority of us go through life never really contemplating the endlessness of space, and the inherent insignificance of human existence. What does it all mean, and how do you fit into this little puzzle you call life are deep, pondering questions every earthling will have a different answer for. While you’re still young and full of life, you should give it your best to find your answer to these questions.

Of course, contemplating such profound metaphysical concepts is not easy when you’re surrounded and distracted by the noise and stress of everyday life in a bustling city. In order to achieve the required level of inner peace, you need to run away to a place of solitude. One such place is the Atacama Desert in Chile. With its high elevation and excellent visibility during nighttime, it’s a perfect spot to stare up at the stars and rethink your life’s purpose.

Travel across New Zealand


If there has ever been a life-changing road trip for a young soul to take on, then it must be a country-wide trip across New Zealand. The profound feeling as if you’re standing at the edge of the world as you’re gazing somewhere off the coast of Dunedin or Christchurch is both a chilling and an enthralling experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

New Zealand is also full of natural wonders that seem as though they’re from another world or another reality. To see it all you can find traveler-friendly cheap car rental across NZ that will allow you to live out your Kiwi adventure on your own terms. Hit the cities, but don’t forget to travel through the natural gems that wait deep in the outback.

Berlin, the cultural capital of Europe


Berlin and Germany for that matter have completely re-branded in recent decades. Almost 30 years after the Berlin wall came tumbling down, the city is now a bustling beehive of life, love, culture, and endless creativity. Digital nomads, artists of the world, travellers, and party animals, everyone is rushing to the cultural capital of Europe in order to experience the freedom that resides within.

Berlin’s culture is wildly dynamic, liberal, and it allows people of all race, age, and genders to come together to live, laugh, and create beautiful memories. If you’re somewhat of a digital nomad yourself, this is the place to take your career forward.

Learn to love Mother Earth in Antarctica


Before you finish your journey of discovery and self-actualization and settle somewhere for the long haul, you should take one more memorable trip. Antarctica is the place where young people go to learn the true impact of climate change, global warming, and the effect that modern civilization has on Mother Earth. The sights you’ll see here are like nothing else in the world, and although there are plenty of places where humankind has left its devastating footprint, Antarctica is an image you will never forget.

It is here where you will be able to redefine your mindset, your habits, and your life’s beliefs. It is here where you will realize the importance of conservation, preservation, and the need to change our ways as a species. Don’t just Google it, go see for yourself.


Life-changing experiences rarely take place in your backyard or your neighbourhood. To open your eyes and redefine your notion of existence, you will need to step out of the comfort zone and travel the world. Visit these amazing destinations, and come back home a changed human being.

Stella Van Lane
Stella van Lane is an interior designer based in Sydney. She is also a mental health advocate who spends her free time blogging. Stella is in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. She enjoys helping other people by sharing her experience and knowledge.


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