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Top 5 Adventures To Do Before 25

Amanda Martinez
October 26, 2018

Need some inspiration on what you should have "accomplished" by the time your 25? Take a look at this list and let us know what you think!

Your twenties are some of the best exploration years of your life.

It’s the time when you have nothing holding you back, when you are finding out the most about yourself, and the time to be selfish. 

So here are five adventures I think you should do before you turn 25!


One of the most incredible experiences that’s really hard to put into words. 

Free falling for about 45 seconds from about two miles about the sky is an outer body experience. 

Then to float down another 5,000 feet on the parachute, taking in the’s just a must do.

What I looked like when I touched land after skydiving :P


If you can, travel to as many places as you can. 

There’s nothing that can bring you more knowledge and joy than traveling. 

You learn about places, cultures and how people from all around the world live, which I’m 100% sure, is much different than how you live. 

You don’t really know what the rest of the planet Earth is like until you see it and experience it for yourself, so do yourself the favor and make some travel plans.

Sunsets on a plane are the best!


There’s something different from road tripping to just traveling. 

Grab a group of good friends and spend some quality time on the road. Nothing beats singing to the top of your lungs in the car for hours, playing games on the highway to entertain yourself and stopping at different, random cities to explore.

Road trippin' with some of my best friends, always laughing, singing and making faces.


This may sound ridiculous, but getting lost is an adventure in itself. 

Don’t be scared. And luckily we live in a time where Google Maps can get you out of any situation. 

But let me tell you, getting lost leads to the best adventures because it’s so unexpected.

My face getting lost in Chinatown in London.


Yes, this is an adventure too! Learn as much as you can and from everyone around you.

Open your eyes to what else is going on in this world. Absorb as much as your brain can, the more you learn the more you grow as a person and who wants to stop growing at 25. 

Not me!

Share with me your top 5 adventures to do at any age! I’m curious to hear what you guys have experienced and what you think is an adventure.

Amanda Martinez
Amanda is an Adventure Leader and Content Producer for U30X. She loves exploring around, getting lost in new places and making videos of all the memories. 

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