Travel Bucket List: 8 Amazing Things to Do Before You’re 30

Lyuthar Jacobs
January 16, 2024

Aren’t we living in a confusing world?

We all earn money to avail all the luxuries in life but often don’t get any time to enjoy them. Most of us are busy chasing our credit cards instead of our dreams. Above that, we are often told to dream about such things which have no meaningful significance.  

Believe it or not, life is not meant to be materialistic all the time. At least before you turn 30, it is important to dream about an out of the box life and most importantly, make it happen!

It is the age when you have all the energy in your body and spark in your mind. Hence, you should invest that in substantial things. Don’t worry about a home loan, promotion, or life insurance. Rather, concentrate on having some amazing experiences!

How about getting lost in the woods or relaxing on the beach?

Besides, you can put the following awesome travel tips on your list of goals to accomplish before you’re 30:


1. Go on a solo vacation

To go on a vacation with your loved ones is always something exciting. However, if you travel alone sometimes, it will give you a unique experience. Traveling to new destinations alone can certainly get you out of your comfort zone. While challenging your fears, traveling solo will also prove to be an invigorating experience for you. Moreover, you can even act smart to save money during your travel. As you will be have to bear all the expenditure alone while you are on a solo vacation, acting in a budget-friendly way will be a smart idea.

2. Treat your taste buds differently

Trying exotic flavors and foreign foods is something that you will always remember about traveling. You might think it is something too insignificant to become a memory. But, tasting a variety of foods from the countries of origin is something special.

Try ordering pizza and pasta in Italy and munching on Okonomiyaki in Japan!

3. Have friends from foreign countries

When you’re in your 20’s, getting in touch with disparate mindsets can enrich your own way of exploring things. Hence, it is always recommended to make friends from different origins while you roam around different parts of the world.

4. Grasp a new expertise

Traveling is definitely one of the most striking opportunities to learn some new skills which you might not get a chance to learn at home. So, enrolling in a class of some type while you’re on a vacation is a smart idea.

For instance, learning how to make sushi from a Japanese chef would be something interesting that you can learn in Japan. If you try something like that while you’re on a vacation, you’ll always hold on the memories of that.   


5. Go Camping

It’s time to go beyond the rules and do something absolutely rousing. Try camping at some of the more rustic destinations in the world. Yes! It’s not about glamping, it’s camping!

Set up your tent amid beautiful nature, barbecue under the clear sky, and sleep under the stars. You will certainly end up with the most memorable experience to cherish forever!

6. Visit Antarctica

Stepping foot on Antarctica when you’re young can prove to be a huge milestone for you. The spine-chilling environment of this icy land is really something special to explore.

As you’re at the peak of your physical activeness, you can make most of this fantastic continent.

7. Opt for a hostel to stay

You’re just in your 20’s, you won’t be having all the money in the world!


You can choose to stay in a hostel while you’re out for a vacation instead of spending on a lavish five-star hotel. Moreover, it’s not just the matter of expenditure. Staying in a hostel can let you experience the perfect vibe of basic accommodation - and help you meet other travelers!

Also, the lively social atmosphere of the place will give you some amazing memories of the trip.


8. Try adventure sports

Sounds dangerous?

When else will you challenge your fears if not before your 30s?

Make some incredible memories while participating in various thrilling adventure sports.

Go bungee jumping at Costa Rica, white water rafting in Iceland, camping on Antarctica’s glacier, ride a mountain bike down Bolivia’s ‘death road’ and so on. Just remember to take all the precautionary measures while doing such activities.

Haven’t you done all that yet? You’re certainly missing out something unparalleled in life! Pack your bag, go out, explore the world and don’t forget to thrill yourself with the aforementioned escapades.  

Lyuthar Jacobs
Being a full-time blogger and writer at, Lyuthar Jacobs holds a passion for writing blogs on travel, lifestyle, and money-saving. There is nothing that can pull him away from looking for something new and exploring the unique holiday destinations. He believes in being practical while traveling. Here’s a sneak-peak of his work.


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