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Live Different Podcast

Travel to Change the World w/ Jeff Greenwald

Eric Aguirre
January 8, 2019

Prison labor, human rights, & ethical travel: Jeff Greenwald joins us on the Live Different Podcast to discuss traveling the world while making it a better place.

“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”  – Albert Einstein

Jeff Greenwald has been traveling the world since the 1970s & has written for National Geographic Adventurer, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Since he began traveling he has reported on issues of:

  • Prison labor in China
  • Female circumcision in Africa
  • Human rights in Tibet
  • Nepal’s environmental challenges
  • Wildlife stewardship in Vietnam
  • Coral reef conservation from Belize to Palau

He is the founder of which is a nonprofit organization that "empowers travelers to change the world." Jeff and his team strive to protect human rights and the environment by using the tourism economy as their ally.

Jeff Greenwald is the author of six books that include: The Size of the World (for which he created the first Internet travel blog), Snake Lake (set in Nepal during the 1990 democracy revolution) and hundreds of publications and features in radio, print, and throughout the internet.

In a worldly conversation we jump around the globe talking about Nepal, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, and even his hometown of Oakland.

Jeff is a professional storyteller and an amazing role model of someone who travels the world in a truly sustainable way.

Listen in as the world's first travel blogger joins us to tell us how we can use tourism to make the world a better place.

Tune in here!

Eric Aguirre
I'm Eric, I aim to inspire and lead fellow and future thought-provoking leaders around the world. I love geeking out on Personal Development and strive to make myself and the world around me a better place. You can find my published books and articles at

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