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Under30Experiences Featured in the Huffington Post: A Great Review

Miles Demars-Rote
May 11, 2017

Under30Experiences was featured in Huffington Post. What did they have to say?

Hey Under30Experiencers! 

This past year Carrie Rich, a writer for The Huffington Post and founder of The Global Good Fund, shared an amazing experience with us in Nicaragua.

She was awesome enough to write a little review about her trip and conduct an interview about how we’ve decided to make the most out of the best years of our lives!

Check out this review of Under30Experiences and all around fun travel article!

Keep doing you and keep the experiences alive.

Miles Demars-Rote
Miles is an adventuring travel blogger with Under30Experiences and the founder of Wellness Gangsters. He is passionate about adventure, yoga, burritos, & helping people become their best selves.

Edited by:  Miles Demars-Rote