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Vote with Your Dollars, Be a Discerning Shopper, and Live the Life You Want with Emily Sexton

Hannah Pinkerton
October 1, 2019

The Guest

With a past career on Wall Street as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management, Emily Sexton brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, delightful enthusiasm and every day wit to encourage American consumers to use their purchasing power for good. 

From Wall Street to the streets with no name, you can now find Emily traveling in developing nations to find gorgeous new goods for her Downtown Raleigh Boutique + online shop, The Flourish Market.  

She is an overly obsessed dog mom, an unlikely Crossfitter, and a monthly contributor to The Huffington Post.

The Episode

Our episode today is all about voting with your dollars, what fair trade really means, and how to be a discerning shopper.

Emily also shares travel advice, how to define the life you want, and how to create that life for yourself.

Emily leaves listeners with the advice, “The more you reach out, the more encouragement you will find on your journey.”

Topics Covered

  • Emily’s journey from Wall Street to The Flourish Market
  • How Emily personally selects fair trade clothing brands for The Flourish Market
  • What fair trade actually means
  • Ways to make good purchasing decisions
  • Emily’s travel style
  • How to create the life you want
  • Tips to take action to create joy in your life
  • Suggestions to create your own thoughts and gain self confidence

Quotes from the Episode

“Be smart. Be a discerning shopper.”
“When something doesn’t go your way, acknowledge that. You have two choices- make an excuse or figure out a solution.”
“Start small. What is one thing you enjoy? Put it on your calendar for the rest of the week. Add one thing at a time and then you can make the bigger decisions. Start somewhere and start now.”
“I want women to know that they are worthy of influence.”
“Listen and learn from people of faith. Make the choice to turn from being bitter to make things better for yourself and others. It is a hard one but we are capable of hard things.”


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The Flourish Market on Instagram

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Hannah Pinkerton
Hannah enjoys spreading love in the world through travel, blogging, and teaching Spanish. Her hobbies include exploring in nature, taking naps, and spoiling her two dogs. She is proud to use her organizational and list making skills as an Executive Assistant for U30X.


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