Why You Should Travel

Jen Morilla
October 1, 2019

If there has even been any doubt in your mind about traveling -- stop it now. 

There should never be any doubt about stepping out of your comfort zone. Stepping away from the norm is supposed to be a good thing, it IS a good thing.


Change is Good

Traveling should be good for you and it is. 

Whether you do it once a month or once a year, you should do it. 

You should want to explore and see what the world has to offer. You can learn so much about who you are and who you want to be.

You Will Learn

You would have the opportunity to gain so much knowledge about our world: cultures, histories, traditions. 

Things that you couldn’t pick up from a textbook, classroom, or professor. 

There is no greater knowledge than experience. 

When you experience something, you feel it. And it’s a feeling that you won’t ever forget.

Mastering Patience


One the most difficult virtues to learn. Patience. 

Traveling will give you that. You’ll learn that things won’t go as ‘scheduled’ or ‘planned’ all the time and you have to get over it and move on. 

You’ll learn about people. 

How not everyone you meet is like you. Everyone is different. And patience is key.

Meeting New People

You’ll meet people from all over the globe. 

You’ll meet people of different sizes, color, shape, and cultures. You’ll learn that EVERYONE has a story. 

You’ll also learn that everyone has been through something and everyone is still learning about life. 

You’ll realize that there are good people in the world and there are bad people. 

You’ll learn to never judge another human being by the way they look because everyone has a story and you’ll never understand their story until you’ve walked in their shoes.

Experiencing Gratitude


This is one of the greatest lessons.

You’ll learn that life is hard. You’ll learn the difference between living to survive and surviving to live. 

You’ll return home with a much great appreciation for the people that you love and those that surround you. 

You won’t take things for granted.

To Develop Yourself

You should travel for yourself. 

Because all these lessons won’t ever be truly explained or expressed properly until you have experienced them. 

And most importantly, you’ll learn to love yourself.

You will learn a lot more than this list...I guarantee it!


*This article was inspired by this amazing video.

Jen Morilla
Jen is a travel blogger and founder of, The Social Girl Traveler. She quit her New York City corporate job in February of 2015 for a budget and backpack and hasn’t looked back since. She aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same! Jen travels with clean water filters in backpack. She’s been to 33 countries on 6 continents and isn’t stopping anytime soon!

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