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You Are Not Alone: Mindfulness, Therapy, and Crossfit with Joy Parrish, LPC of Girls Gone WOD

Matt Wilson
January 16, 2024

Our Guest

Joy Parrish is the co-host of Girls Gone WOD Podcast.

She got into the world of podcasting to talk about her passion for crossfit and the crossfit community. She loves running, CrossFit, yoga, food, fashion, music, podcasts, and listening to audio books.

Joy is also a licensed professional mental health manager and has been a fitness instructor for 13 years.

Joy believes life is meant to be fun, happy, and joyful and we can hear her express just that in her episode today.

The Episode

Do you have compassion fatigue?

Are you looking to get past what’s holding you back and become the best version of yourself?

Are you a mindful scroller?

Joy and I talk about her journey creating a massively successful podcast. We also talk therapy, Crossfit, issues facing modern day society, and everything in between. I ask her questions about what it’s like to be a therapist and in this very casual conversation between friends, she drops some amazing pieces of advice on mindfulness and listening to yourself.

I do my best in this episode to understand competition and weight training from a female perspective and talk about the importance about having someone to talk to.

The Girls Gone WOD podcast is a great resource for people to understand they aren’t alone out there and as you can tell from this episode, it’s always a fun listen.

(P.S. Did you know Girls Gone WOD has a sold out trip to Iceland with Custom Experiences?!)

Topics Covered

  • How the Girls Gone WOD podcast got started
  • How podcasting helps you feel like you’re not alone
  • Where people can go to get some self care
  • Identifying compassion fatigue
  • Working out and gratitude practices
  • How focusing on a task like crossfit can bring you to the present moment
  • Competition from a woman's perspective
  • How to start feeling better about yourself when you’re having a bad day

Quotes from the Episode

“We try to be appropriately transparent”
“Everyone can benefit from coming in [to therapy] and unloading”
“I was hellbent on beating the boys”
“I think having fun is a little more my style these days”
“I want people to question and be critical of every single thing that they think about themselves”
“Do something for someone else today”


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