You Better Belize It

Amanda Martinez
January 16, 2024

Why should you go to Belize?

Because it’s incredible and offers so much more than you probably think.

Don't you want to go already from this photo?

First of all, if you are from the United States and you have a fear of traveling because of the language barrier, you should consider traveling to Belize because it’s the only country in Central America where English is the official language. It’s so easy to get around and the people are so friendly and speak English.

Another reason why Belize is a spot to check out is because you have the islands and the rainforest. Half of Belize is actually covered in rainforest and 80% of that is protected by the government. Then, there’s about 200 islands or cayes in Belize with crystal clear waters.

It’s also rich with culture with many ties from Latin America and the Caribbean. The official language is English but you can find people speaking Creole and Spanish.

Float the day away with some old friends or even new ones!

All About The Lifestyle

Belize is on the east coast of Central America right on the Caribbean Sea. It’s a country that has a lot of the Caribbean influence with spices and jerks in their food, reggae music and fun, carefree lifestyles, especially on the islands.

The people of Belize greet you with open arms too. Some of the kindest people I've ever met. They want to talk to you, get to know you and where your from. They want to share the Belize lifestyle with you.

It’s this kind of lifestyle that makes Belize a special gem. It’s not what you expect when traveling to Central America but it’s so much more. And what more do you want from a vacation. The beach or rainforest, some good food, good music and the kind of people you want to dance the night away with.

Live the life you love...something I learned to do in Belize.

My Experience in Belize

...was simply put, amazing! I went back in April with Under30Experiences to Belize and it was all about the ‘Go Slow’ lifestyle, which was perfect for a relaxing vacation.

The hotel is a small, boutique-style hotel with beach views from your front porch or the pool. You have everything you want right around you, the beach, a pool, a hammock and delicious foods.

This is the view. Yes, please!

We stayed on Caye Caulker, a tiny limestone coral island off of the coast of Belize. It’s about 5 miles by 1 mile (really less than that). There are no cars on the island because of the size. Transportation is either by bicycle or golf carts and it really sets the mood for the island.

We got to kayak and paddle board around the island where we got to see the island from a distance and see marine life. And in the afternoons, we spent our time hanging out at “the split” drinking frozen daiquiris and eating fresh seafood.

Sunsets at the split.

My favorite activity was snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Preserve. We got to see everything. From sea turtles, nurse sharks, all kind of fish and even a manatee! If you love the ocean and love seeing the wildlife, this place is a must.

Swimming with nurse sharks by the reef!

Then the nights were spent eating outdoors, drinking a few drinks and making our way to the bars. Let’s talk about the bars for a second. There are hanging swings as seats!

There are only two or three bars on the island and Caye Caulker is a popular spot for backpackers or travelers, so everyone goes out to the same spots. We got to meet so many more people and share our experience of being with Under30Experiences.

Go see this crystal clear water for yourself, it's unreal!

If you are looking for a relaxing but fun vacation, go to Belize, I promise you won’t regret it.

Amanda Martinez
Amanda is an Adventure Leader and Content Producer for U30X. She loves exploring around, getting lost in new places and making videos of all the memories. 


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