Central america & Mexico trips

Central America was one of Under30Experiences’s original destinations because of its ease of access from the United States and its incredible culture and scenery. Our trips range from islands off the coast of Belize to Mayan Ruins in Guatemala to some of the most beautiful beaches and jungles in Costa Rica. You’ll most likely find yourself trying your Spanish language skills, learning to surf, or hiking a volcano with an awesome group of travelers.

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Costa Rica

-World famous beach
-Look for monkeys and sloths
-Local & cultural experiences
-Access to amazing waterfalls
-Beautiful hikes in the jungle
-Optional surf & salsa lessons

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-"Go Slow" on Caye Caulker
-Snorkel crystal blue water
-World’s 2nd largest barrier reef
-Perfect Caribbean sunsets
-Cave tubing jungle adventure
-Swim with sharks

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Costa Rica Extended

-Sunrise in Monteverde
-Sunset dinner at Playa Hermosa
-Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica
-Explore local waterfalls and hot springs
-Get hooked on some of the best coffee in the world
-Hike thru the Costa Rican rainforest

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Costa Rica Adventure

-Two days of whitewater rafting
-Canyoning, rappelling, & zip lining
-Local coffee farm tour
-Relax on the beach in Puerto Viejo 
-Cahuita National Park
-Gandoca Manzanillo National Refuge

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-Volcano Hiking
-Colonial Antigua
-Coffee Plantation Tour
-Boat tour in the Lake Atitlan

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Mexico City

-Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum
-Experience a Lucha Libre wrestling match
-Meander through Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
-Float along the Xochimilco Canals
-Enjoy authentic Mexican tacos
-Tour historic downtown Mexico City

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More About Central America Trips & Tours

Is traveling to Central America safe?

Yes! We get this question a lot, especially from solo travelers. Safety is one of number one priority anywhere in the world and Central America is no different. Your Trip Leader will advise you about the local area and provide recommendations for free time or evening activities so you don’t have to worry. On all of our trips, we advise traveling light and leaving any valuables at home so you don’t attract unwanted attention. 

One of the best parts of group travel is “safety in numbers.” You don’t need to be alone, and finding others to enjoy activities with you with is easy.

Do I need to know Spanish? 

While helpful, you do not need to know Spanish for any of our trips. Your Trip Leader will be fluent in the local language if any translation is needed and you’ll find that some locals speak English. One of the highlights of many people’s trips is learning to order a meal or conversing with someone about their day in basic Spanish.

Fun fact: Belize is the only official English-speaking country in Central America. People also often speak Spanish, Creole, or Mayan at home.

What is the best time of year to visit Central America?

We run trips year-round in Central America because of the favorable weather. The high season is generally considered November to April. While the low season is considered the months of May - October. Low season is not a bad time to travel as temperatures are more moderate (70-85 degrees Fahrenheit) but you may encounter afternoon or evening rains which help cool things off. The high season is generally dry and hot and is welcoming for those coming from winter conditions in the United States and Canada.

You can find more weather details on each trip's Trip Details page as conditions vary by country and region.

What is Under30Experiences’s most popular trip in Central America?

Our Costa Rica trip is our most popular trip for a few reasons. It’s our most affordable trip and it’s just five days long. It has the feel of a long weekend trip which can be great for a first-time traveler or someone making last-minute plans. 

The fact that our Costa Rica trip includes some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica doesn’t hurt either!

Why sign-up for a group trip to Central America?

Here are just a few of the reasons we see travelers join our group trips:

  • Not everyone wants to plan and research a complicated itinerary. Our trips include some of the very best locations and activities in each country built for young adventurous travelers.
  • A guide is with you throughout your trip to help with local languages, lead you on hikes, teach you about the area, and make sure each day goes as planned. It can be reassuring to know that you are on the right trail or that your Trip Leader has backup plans in case of bad weather. Your Trip Leader can also recommend optional activities and things to do after your trip is over if you wish to stay longer.
  • Meeting great people! When you join an Under30Experiences trip you know you will be with a group of like-minded people in your age group.

Over 800 5-star reviews! 

"I was pretty nervous about traveling outside the country for the first time ever, let alone going all by myself. Once I arrived my group was all so welcoming. I was so worried I would feel awkward, alone, and bored. Instead I left Costa Rica happier than ever!" - Ashley M. | Yelp Review