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  • Enjoy vibrant Buenos Aires
  • explore buenos aires with a walking tour
  • Take in Perito Moreno Glacier by land and water
  • Trek the Laguna de Los Tres
  • Half Day hike to a Condor & Eagle Viewpoint
Welcome to Argentina! Begin your journey with a night in vibrant Buenos Aires before flying out to the Patagonia region of Argentina. 

Explore a unique glacier museum, get to know your new surroundings, and even take a cruise around The Perito Moreno glacier then its time to hike! You’ll find yourself surrounded by mountains and glaciers at every turn, making this one of the most unique places in all of Argentina and a trip that you will not soon forget.

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What type of weather should I expect?

From October to February, the high travel season  coincides with summer. The vastness of the Patagonia region has variations in climate. During summer, the weather is dry, sunny, cool, and windy with an average temperature of 65-70 degrees Farenheit (18-20 degrees Celsius) and a high of 85 degrees Farenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

Where should I exchange money? 

The official currency of Argentina is the Pesos Argentinos (ARS).

If possible, pay with cash when you can while in Argentina to get the best exchange rate.We recommend bringing USD with you to Argentina to exchange into Pesos. Argentina’s unofficial exchange rate-–known locally as the ‘dólar blue’ is different from the official exchange rate.

That means each US dollar you hold can be worth twice as much in peso terms if you understand the dos and don’ts of changing money while in Argentina.

Avoid using ATMs or paying with bank cards: In both of these cases you’ll be charged at the official exchange rate.

Bring dollars in cash and change at blue rate: Most likely, you will only be able to exchange US dollars on the unofficial currency market. It’s best to bring larger bills (US$100) – smaller bills (US$20 or below) will likely yield lower exchange rates.

Your Trip Leader will be able to find a much better exchange rate than offered by banks at home, or ATMs in Argentina. Please consider your own spending habits for additional expenses such as snacks, souvenirs, and optional activities.

What are the accomodations like?

We will stay in boutique hotel rooms for the duration of the trip. Solo travelers are paired with someone of the same gender.
*Private room options are available upon request and subject to hotel availability (for an extra charge).

What is the physical activity level of this trip?

High. This trip is for those who enjoy being physically challenged and reaping the rewards. It includes intense physical activities and participants should expect to be active 6-8 hours most days.

There is an included 13 mile (22 kilometer) hike to Laguna de los Tres that will take 10-12 hours. Most of the hike is flat, and if you can't make it to the top, there is a spot to rest and wait for the group. We will go at a moderate pace so everyone feels included. If you wish to skip the trek entirely, you can stay in the town of El Chaltén.

Please note that these hikes are not at high altitude, so you will not need to worry about altitude sickness.

Can I opt out of an included activity?

Of course! This trip is your trip, and you don’t have to participate in anything you don’t want to. Just be aware that opting out of included activities will not change the price of your trip.

How difficult are the hikes?

The hikes are of medium difficulty, and you are more than welcome to go at your own pace.

What type of luggage is best?

The lighter the better! If you only have a rolling suitcase that will work, but if you can get your hands on a more mobile bag, like a large backpack, that would be better. We take all forms of transportation, and loading your suitcase on and off all the ferries can be challenging. You'll also want a daypack for your personal gear, food, and drinks for the day.

Your one-way domestic flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate will be booked with Aerolineas Argentinas. 

Your airfare includes one carry-on bag of maximum 17 pounds and one checked baggage of maximum 30 pounds. Measurements: the sum of the 3 dimensions should not exceed 62 inches (158 cm). We recommend keeping luggage to 30 pounds (15 kilograms) or under due to luggage restrictions. In case you may wish to bring more baggage, you may pay the additional fee at the airline counter.

What do I need to pack?

You can check out the full packing list here.
But here are some essentials:

Waterproof hiking boots for treks and closed-toed shoes for everyday wear.
Sun protection - hat, sunscreen, sunglasses.
Day Pack – For essential items you may like to bring daily (money, camera, water bottle, toilet paper, snacks, alcohol gel, etc).
Hiking clothing - It's best to bring clothes that can be layered so you can adjust layers according to the weather which is ever-changing in Patagonia. Please ensure this includes a waterproof jacket and pants.
Thermal underwear - Thermal wear is highly recommended, being light, warm and will keep you warm at night.

How much should I budget for food and activities?

Depending on your spending habits, bring cash with you for additional expenses such as snacks, souvenirs, optional activities. We suggest about ~$400 USD.

What languages are spoken in Argentina?

-Spanish is the official language of  Argentina.
-English is spoken in many tourist areas and hotels.

Do you have last-minute deals?

Yes! Last-minute slots open up on sold-out trips. Visit our Trips On Sale page for the latest last-minute deals.
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Have a question that's not on this list?

Feel free to reach out to our all-star customer service team at bookings@under30experiences.com or by calling +1 (888) 839-2086.


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