Hook your friends up with an exclusive discount on their first trip, and earn rewards while doing it! Perfect timing for Black Friday. Are you ready?


step 1: share your PERSONal link

After your first trip with us, you get a referral link to share with your friends. Don’t have it? We can help! Email us.

step 2: encourage your friends to book during black friday

By using your link, your friends will get $100 off in addition to the $200 off Black Friday sale (and you get $100 in credits to book during the sale, too!)


Email us, and we can help apply these credits to your booking! (We can reimburse you if you book first! Don’t miss grabbing a seat on that trip you’re eyeing!)

Who is eligible to participate in the referral program?

The Under30Experiences referral program is open to all travelers who have either previously taken a trip with U30X or are currently booked on an upcoming departure.

Who can I refer?

You may refer anybody who has not traveled with us before.

How do I create an account?

Click here to set up your account and get your unique referral link. After signing up, you can set up your account by referencing the program welcome email you received, clicking “Your Rewards”, and creating a password.

When do I earn Referral Credits?

You earn Referral Credits once a referred traveler books their first trip with Under30Experiences.

Do my Referral Credits expire?

Referral Credits are valid for two years after they are earned, at which time they will expire. So hurry up and book that trip!

Can my Referral Credits be combined with other promotional offers?

Unless otherwise specified during a promotion, your referral credits are always combinable with any current promotional offers.

How do I check my Referral Credit balance?

You can check your balance by logging into your Referral Candy account, scrolling to the bottom of your dashboard, and clicking "Your Rewards". This dashboard will only show the amount of referral credits that you have earned, not the balance reflecting how many have been used. For an updated balance reflecting both credits earned and used, please email You will also receive an email each time someone books a trip with your unique link.

What can I use my Referral Credits towards?

You can use your Referral Credits towards your next booking with Under30Experiences. Referral Credits cannot be applied to past bookings.

My code is showing as "SAMPLE"?

If someone trying to use your referral link says that the code is populating as "SAMPLE", that means they are either on the same IP address as you or using the same device that your account was created on. In order for the correct code to populate, the person you refer must be on a different device and IP address than you.

How do I redeem my Referral Credits?

To redeem your Referral Credits, purchase your trip online and then send an email to with the subject line “Redeem Referral Credits” within 24 hours of booking. We will apply those credits to your booking in the form of a partial refund if you paid in full for your trip or deduct them from your invoice if you reserved your seat with a deposit.

Program Policy

Past Under30Experiences passengers ("Advocates") who refer a first-time Under30Experiences traveler ("Referred Friend") that books any  Under30Experiences trip will receive a $100 in Experience Credits and Referred Friend will receive $100 off of their trip.  Only one $100 discount is applicable per Referred Friend. If Referred Friend books trip with $195 deposit vs. paying in full, discount is applied to remaining balance on invoice. Advocate and Referred Friend discounts have select combinability with other Promotions. Offers may be combined with Ongoing Deals (i.e. Trips on Sale). Multiple referral deals can be used by the Advocate on the same trip. Advocate credit is delivered and applied 48 hrs after Referred friend's booking is confirmed. Advocate discount is only valid for confirmed bookings and subject to removal if Referred Friend's booking is canceled. Advocate and Referred Friend must be verified in system before discount can be applied. Advocate discount is only valid for first-time Referred Friends who have never traveled with Under30Experiences before. Final payment must be completed 60 days prior to departure. We advise not booking airfare until we give instructions and confirm your trip is running”. Restrictions apply. Under30Experiences reserves the right to withdraw promotional offers at any time. Experience Credits earned by the Advocate expire after two years.

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