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Why Solo Travel with Under30Experiences?
Solo travel sparks personal growth.

Traveling alone leads to improved confidence, independence, and self-discovery. Although Under30Experiences hooks you up with a detailed itinerary, local guide, and a kick-ass group of travelers, taking the first step to leave the country alone is a HUGE accomplishment!

When you travel alone you can expect to learn a lot about yourself. You'll be surprised to find how easy it is to open up and start conversations with others.

Solo travel also gives you the unique opportunity to reinvent yourself. Gone are all the preconceived notions about you from your peers back home...when traveling abroad you can have a fresh start.

Meet new people & join an awesome travel community!

How likely are you to talk to a group of strangers while you're traveling with friends or family? Probably not likely.

Traveling with U30X is perfect for solo travelers because you meet new people right from the start. You don't need to worry about coming alone because a vibrant group of travelers is waiting for you at the airport when you arrive (most of whom are also traveling solo).

After your trip, you become part of our travel community!

In our alumni community you get access to exclusive pre-sale opportunities, weekend domestic trips, and an online platform to share travel resources, career opportunities, and more!

PLUS: More than 70% of our travelers come solo.

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Try new things.

How many times have you been on a trip where you really wanted to do something but your friends weren't interested?

Solo travel allows you to try new things without being tied down to other people's
desires. On U30X trips you can select your optional experiences and always opt out of an activity to do your own thing.

Our reviews speak for themselves.

We have more than 500 Five Star Reviews!

See for yourself. Here are our Yelp and Facebook reviews.

Or check out this video featuring some U30X solo travelers!

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