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Brazil Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

  • The Under30Experiences team will meet you at the airport and take you via included transportation to your boutique hotel in the resurgent Santa Teresa neighborhood.
  • Recover and relax after a long flight at the hotel or take a walk to Parque das Ruinas where you can see the entire city from up high. 
  • Take the historic and recently refurbished street car down the hill and walk back up the beautifully colorful tiled Selaron Steps.
  • Enjoy a our first Brazilian meal together at our opening dinner in our hip artsy neighborhood that we’ll call home for two nights.  
  • Get to know the other like-minded travelers as well as the locals at the historic neighborhood corner bar over a Caipirinha (Brazil’s national drink)

Day 2

Christ the Redeemer & Copacabana

  • Wake up in Brazil and enjoy breakfast right at your hotel.
  • Take included transportation to the Christ the Redeemer statue perched high above the city on Corcovado Mountain.
  • After coming down from our visit to Christ the Redeemer we’ll eat lunch.
  • Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful and diverse Botanical Gardens.
  • Go to Copacabana Beach for people watching, sunbathing, food vendors and crashing waves.  
  • Take a walk down to the end of Copacabana to see Ipanema beach where the famous song “Girl From Ipanema” was written.
  • Blend in amongst Rio’s residents and take the Metro back to our hotel.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at yet another culinary hotspot in Santa Teresa.

Day 3

Salvador + Cultural Market & Pelourinho

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hotel as you listen to the sounds of the neighborhood waking up around you. Milk men and bakers call out to residents to alert them of the day’s freshest offerings.
  • Travel to the airport to board our included domestic flight up the coast to Salvador, Bahia. (apx. 2 hour flight)
  • Arrive at our hotel in the heart of Salvador, the capital city of Bahia.
  • For lunch, we’ll experiment some distinctly Bahian dishes influenced by both their African and European heritage. Options for all palates are available.
  • Visit the famous Mercado Cultural (Cultural Market) for a chance to pick up all kinds of non-perishable food, liquor and trinkets galore.  
  • Watch a live Capoeira demonstration and marvel at the athleticism that combines both dance and martial arts.
  • Take the Lacerda Elevator from the “low city” up to the “high city” for a walk through Salvador’s historic center - Pelhourinho. Here you’ll find an intersection of history, churches, live music and bars.
  • Dinner in Pelhourinho and see where the night takes us...
  • Rest up for our upcoming hikes in Chapada Diamantina or stay out and see Pelhourinho come alive!

Day 4

Lencois City Tour

  • Drive to Chapada Diamantina National Park in our private van. (apx. five hour drive)
  • Stop for lunch and a good stretch along the way.
  • Upon arriving in Lençois well check in at our boutique hotel.    
  • After getting settled at the hotel we’ll take a brief walking tour through the cobblestone streets. After this it will be difficult for you to be lost here, the locals and small city feel of Lençois will immediately make you feel at home.
  • We’ll end the day by taking a refreshing dip in the natural pools which overlook this quaint and charming colonial city.
  • We’ll hit the streets and try out one of the many delicious restaurant options that Lençois offers. Meals here are well served as people are typically active and in need of ample nutrition!

Day 5

National Park

  • After a good night’s rest, meet everyone for breakfast and wake up with a freshly brewed coffee, fresh fruit and all kinds of other goodies.  
  • Today is a day full of amazing views and natural wonders - we’ll see the principal attractions that the National Park has to offer by van.  
  • Drive 30 minutes to our first destination the Devil’s Pool/Waterfall and hear the folklore surrounding this location. Enjoy the refreshing pool and the beautiful waterfall...the name is far more sinister than the location.  
  • Drive 45 minutes through incredible views of tabletop mountains and expansive valleys. The ride is as spectacular as the destinations!
  • Arrive at Lapa Doce Cave for a one hour walk through the cave - in one side and out the other. This cave is so enormous that you could drive a 18 wheeler right down the middle of it! You won’t feel claustrophobic but if caves aren’t your thing you are welcome to relax in the hammocks underneath a shady tree and enjoy an ice cream or beer.
  • We’ll take a break and eat lunch at the restaurant that is on site.  A complete buffet, menu items, fresh juices and cold beer are all available.
  • After Lunch we’ll move on to “Pratinha” a large pool of crystal clear spring water. You can choose to enter the water from above by taking the zip line (optional) or by wading in from the shaded beach area where there are lounge chairs and a cafe.
  • On the way back we’ll make one last stop for our postcard view of the National Park.  A short 15 minute hike gets us to the top of Pai Inacio, a table top mountain where we can take in the enormity of the park and it’s features.
  • Dinner back in Lençois on Rua das Pedras amongst live music followed by a capoeira demonstration in the city square.

Day 6

Experience the Culture

  • Take an extra hour or two this morning to catch up on sleep and let your body rest from the whole day Park Tour.
  • For those anxious to get moving we’ll take a short hike to the Salão das Areias Coloridas (Colored Sand Caves) where local artists go to collect all varieties of colored sand for their projects.
  • Spend time at Casa Grande (The Big House) where we’ll get to know the local kids and help with a service project or….
  • Check out the local diamond mining museum where you can see a live demonstration. Throw a real diamond in the sand and see if you can find it! Learn about Lençois’ important diamond mining history and how it affected the city when it went bust.
  • Lunch on your own - pick one of several Brazilian buffet style restaurants.
  • Optional guided hike or rest up by the hotel pool.
  • After freshening up at the hotel, we’ll have a home cooked dinner with diamond miners and local business owners to learn more about how their city has gone from a ghost town to a booming international tourist destination.
  • Street parties and live music or rest and relax at the hotel for tomorrow’s hike to one of the most incredible waterfalls the national park has to offer.

Day 7

Explore Rebeirao do Meio

  • For those who enjoy adventure and natural beauty this is your day!
  • After eating a filling breakfast we’ll head out on a 2.5 hour hike to Sossego waterfall, perhaps the most beautiful waterfall in the entire park (there are hundreds).
  • We’ll hike through a canyon, cross rivers and make plenty of stops along the way for water and a quick dip!
  • *Alternate activities and excursions available for those not interested in the hike:  Horse riding, 4x4 rental, guided boat rides, exploration of other waterfalls, caves and mountains (additional cost $50-$200 USD)
  • Upon arrival at Sossego Waterfall we’ll enjoy a included pack lunch underneath the shade of the surrounding trees and canyon walls.
  • We’ll take our time to explore the waterfall, the mouth of the canyon and the surrounding pools. Take this chance to snap some pictures, rest and relax.
  • On our way back we’ll stop at the natural rock water slide and marvel at the locals who “surf the rock” - though it looks fun we recommend going down on your butt!
  • Pack your bags for tomorrow’s early departure back to Salvador.
  • At this point you’ve tried several of the wonderful restaurants in Lençois, tonight we’ll check one more off the list. Too many to try in only a few days!
  • Enjoy the evening recounting your adventures over one last inexplicably delicious Caipirinha or fresh juice concoction.
  • Say goodbye to the locals that you will have surely met after a few days in this close knit community.

Day 8

Lencois to Salvador

  • Be sure to take advantage of the fresh mangoes and fruit juice once more before departing.
  • Take in the scenery on our ride out of the national park to Salvador’s airport where you’ll board your return flight or continue on to explore more of Brazil’s Northeast Coast!

Day 9

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