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Famous for vibrant culture, music, dance, art, & soccer, Brazil is a destination you can't miss--and we experience a side of it that will blow your mind.

In addition to exploring the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro & Christ the Redeemer, you'll experience beaches, untouched natural wonders, and Chapada Diamantina National Park.

It's the perfect combination of city and nature with the busyness of Rio & the splendor of waterfalls, caves, and expansive valleys.


Galeão International Airport (GIG)
Plan to arrive before 12:00 pm on Day 1

Arrival time is not mandatory, but guarantees included group transportation.


Salvador International Airport (SSA)
Plan to depart after 4:00 pm on Day 8

Departure time is not mandatory, but guarantees included group transportation.

Physical Activity:


This trip is relaxing and includes light activities with optional moderate activities.  Participants can decide how much time they spend being active. No physical preparation is required to make the most of the experience.

Physical Activity:


This trip is a good mix of activity and relaxation and includes moderate physical activities.  Participants should expect to be active 3-4 hours most days. An active lifestyle is helpful though not required to enjoy the trip.

Physical Activity:


This trip is for those who enjoy being physically challenged and reaping the rewards. It includes moderate to intense physical activities and participants should expect to be active 6-8 hours most days. Participants should have an active lifestyle.

Cancellation Policy:

Very Flexible

This trip has a 30-day cancellation policy. Give us at least 30 days notice and you can switch your trip for free, or we'll hold your Experience Credits for future use.

Cancellation Policy:


Because this trip has non-refundable tickets we have a 60-day cancellation policy. Give us at least 60 days notice and you can switch your trip for free, or we'll hold your Experience Credits for future use.

Trip Overview

Day 1

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Arrive at Rio de Janeiro International Airport take included transportation to our boutique hotel in the city.

Nestled in what New York Magazine calls Rio's "sexiest neighborhood," Santa Teresa boasts beautiful views and a cool sea breeze. Walk through the neighborhood stopping for street food while browsing local artisan boutiques.

Enjoy a coffee or beer at Parque das Ruinas where you’ll take in the first of many impressive views from high above the bustling city streets.  

Stroll down the Selaron Steps and get on the old-fashioned trolley car for a picturesque ride back up the hill through the colonial neighborhood we'll call home for a couple of nights.

Day 2

Christ the Redeemer & Copacabana

After breakfast take the tram to the top of Corcovado Mountain to see Christ the Redeemer, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Enjoy the incredible views of Rio de Janeiro Harbor and then descend to the "Central Park of Rio" to explore the magnificent Botanical Gardens.

After lunch we’ll head for Copacabana Beach.  Lounge among beautiful people or join a soccer game with the locals.  

Take a walk down to Ipanema Beach for some of the best street food in the world, before we head out for an evening in Lapa, Rio’s incredible nightlife district.  Prepare for impromptu samba circles and street parties!

Day 3

Relaxation in Salvador

Head to the airport for an included two-hour flight up the coast to the city of Salvador da Bahia. 

After landing in Salvador and getting settled at the hotel enjoy a laid back afternoon/evening strolling the boardwalk in Lauro de Freitas, sampling oceanfront street food, and perhaps a cold beverage as you unwind and recoup your energy from your whirlwind tour of Rio de Janeiro. 

Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean from the shore of one of the furthest points east in South America.  

Rest up for the next day in which you’ll jump on a quick flight to what is sure to be the highlight of your trip, Chapada Diamantina National Park.

Day 4

Lencois City Tour

After breakfast head for the expansive and majestic Chapada Diamantina National Park, one of Brazil's best-kept secrets and relatively unknown to foreigners. 

Walk this quaint city’s cobblestone streets, walk to the river and take a dip in a secret swimming hole while the sun sets on the city.

Lencois was the center for the diamond mining rush & in the city center you can still see the old colonial European Embassies that exported diamonds to Europe.

This charming city will be our home base for the next 4 days.

Day 5

National Park

Tabletop mountains, enormous caves, beautiful waterfalls, expansive vistas & so much more as we explore the park’s best attractions.  

Enjoy a full day exploring The Devil’s Pool, Lapa Doce Cave, and Pratinha, then end the day with a sunset walk to the iconic Pai Inacio for a 360-degree view of the entire park.

After dinner enjoy a live capoeira demonstration in the city square. Don’t forget your camera on this day.

Day 6

Experience the Culture

Watch a live diamond mining demonstration and learn how miners used to find their prize at the local diamond mining museum.

In the afternoon, team up with a local organization that provides after-school programs & vocational training to prepare local youth for future employment.

After dinner, have a roundtable discussion with local business owners & miners while you learn about the positive and negative impacts on the local economy.

Day 7

Explore Rebeirao do Meio

Explore one of the city’s most beloved local hangouts just a short hike away. Slide down a natural waterslide into a beautiful pool or watch the locals ‘surf’ the rock.

In the afternoon, explore the shops, bars, and restaurants.  After our last dinner in Lençois enjoy the music and street parties that spontaneously pop up all around you.  

Grab a seat and take it all in while sipping on one last Caipirinha with your new friends.

Day 8

Lencois to Salvador

Enjoy your last morning in Brazil over a delicious breakfast and say goodbye to what will certainly be one of your favorite places in Brazil.

Soak in the stunning scenery of the Diamond Highlands as you weave your way out of the canyons and tabletop mountains on your way back to Salvador.

Stay and continue your adventure or hop on your flight home as you say goodbye to your new friends.

Day 9

No items found.

What's Included:

  • 8 days / 7 nights shared boutique hotel rooms
  • 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 7 dinners
  • Domestic flight to Salvador
  • Domestic flight from Salvador to Lençois
  • Visit the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue
  • Explore the Botanical Gardens
  • Tour Santa Teresa
  • See the Selaron Steps, Parque das Ruinas, and take a historic street car ride
  • Tour the Cultural Market and Pelourinho
  • Guided city tour of Lençois
  • Authentic Brazilian cultural experience
  • Guided visit of Lapa Doce cave
  • Experience the Pratinha natural springs
  • Hike Pai Inacio Mountain Vista
  • Meet and greet with diamond miners, local business owners
  • Transportation and entrance fees to all included activities
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Private airport drop-off upon departure
  • Under30Experiences Trip Leader
  • Personal recommendations for optional activities
  • The chance to meet some kick-ass people
  • Access to the Under30Experiences community
  • Taxes always included, never hidden fees, & NO blackout dates
Book with confidence: it's free to switch your trip more than 30 days out

Travelers are responsible for international airfare to and from Brazil

When should I book my flight?

Plan to arrive before 12:00 pm on Day 1 and plan to depart after 4:00 pm on Day 8.

Airfare booking details will be sent after registration – please wait to book your flight until you receive further instructions.

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8 Days / 7 Nights

Early Signup: $2,045

Regular: $2,245

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"My U30X trip to Brazil was life-changing. It was the first time I had ever left the country, and I got to hit one of my personal top 3 travel bucket list locations thanks to U30X. This group is the go-to, hands down if: you've never left the country before, if all of your friends have kids and partners and can't travel with you, or if all of your friends never get the time off or money to travel but you have both. U30X also creates a lifetime network of friends and travel contacts, and attracts other growth-minded people who want to live an exciting life. Can't recommend U30X highly enough!" -Roxie R.

"This Brazil trip was amazing. We got to experience the big city of Rio and go to a local samba party and talk to local people. We got to see a historic downtown area of Salvador and drink beers all night. We got to travel to a small town with a great nightlife and wonderful restaurants and hike to beautiful waterfalls and lookout points. This trip provided us with a little bit of everything that Brazil has to offer. It was EXACTLY what I want out of a group trip to another country. It never felt too touristy. We got to meet and talk to local people and get a real taste of Brazilian culture. My favorite part of this trip was our time spent in Lencois. It is such a wonderful town. The national park is truly amazing and beautiful. The hikes were pretty strenuous, but very much worth it." -Zach A.

"The excursions we’re AMAZING. Not what I have thought of when hearing Brazil but they showed me some extraordinary things and this travel experience was one of the best I’ve ever had!" -Emmelene F.

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