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6 Must Haves for a Solo Bike Ride

Ross Geller
January 16, 2024

A bike ride will be at the top of the to-do list for most adventure seekers. There is no greater thrill for a bike lover than riding, whether solo or in a group. The promise of a bright, blue sky, long, meandering terrains, the wind grazing one’s skin and the warm sunshine is beyond comparison.

Solo travel is a craze these days. It is a heady notion to get on top of a bike and go wherever the road leads. However, a certain amount of planning is essential to ensure that the trip turns out to be enjoyable and not one that will lead to any reservations later on.

Once you have your destination and itinerary in place, plan the items to take along to ensure a trouble-free journey. Apart from the basics like a helmet and riding gear, we will give you a list of 6 items that will come in handy, while you travel and explore.

1. A Handy Toolkit

Whether the journey is a short or a long haul, expecting the unexpected saves you a lot of trouble. Having a trusty toolkit is a top priority. Packing it with as many items as possible will help you out of unforeseen circumstances.

A hex key, a screwdriver, nudge bar and an adjustable wrench are the basics. Pack in an air pump and a pressure gauge, if you happen to have these. Another important item to consider is a multi-tool option that includes items like a knife, pliers and a wire cutter that can prove useful when you least expect it.

2. Flat Tire Remedies

Nothing can be more irritating than having a flat just when you think ‘what a great trip this is turning out to be!’ But, it is one of the eventualities to plan for, especially, when you are tackling new trails. You can always travel peacefully if you know you have a flat fix kit tucked away in your tank bag.

Instead of wasting several hours for help to arrive, you can fix the flat tire within minutes and move on with your journey.  Just as a word of caution, please check on your flat fix kit periodically to ensure it is still intact when you need it.

3. Flash Light

Many times darkness can be your only companion when you are riding for long hours. If something goes wrong, you will thank your stars if you have packed this small, yet very crucial item to carry in your motorcycle tank bag. If it is the LED kind, then not only will it be economical and space saving, but also very effective. Just remember to pack enough batteries along too.

4. Rain Gear

Looking forward to the sun is fine, but preparing for some rain showers will be clever. You will pat yourself on the back when the rain comes lashing down and you can ride smugly if you have packed a rain gear along. Another good option to take along is a heated jacket. It will help you remain warm, even when it gets cold.

Planning wisely and carrying the right riding gear for all kinds of weather can help you save time too.

5. First Aid Kit

As trivial as it may sound, packing a few bandages, some safety pins, gauze, pills for a headache or nausea can all turn out to be such lifesavers on a solo bike ride. No matter how experienced a traveler you are, you might meet new circumstances on each of your trips and though these things occupy less space, the benefit of carrying them with you can be huge. Also carrying a bottle of your favorite corralejo tequila is a good idea when you want to unwind after a long day’s riding.

6. Towels

When you are on a road trip, a clear vision is of paramount importance. A micro-fiber towel comes in very useful to wipe away the grime and the dust. And having a couple of these means you can rely on them whenever you need something to wipe your helmet, a seat or to clean your license plate.

So the next time you are thinking of a solo bike ride, plan ahead, pack these essentials and have the best time of your life. Happy biking!

Ross Geller
Ross is a blogger who loves to write especially in the health and dental vertical. He has written many informative blogs in other verticals too like personal development, unique gifting etc.


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