6 Under30Experiences Alumni You Have To Meet!

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

Our community has reached over 2,000 members, so we know it's hard to get to know everyone. We've made it a little easier with our list of 6 U30X Alumni you just have to meet!

Daniel DiPiazza


Daniel has been on 4 Under30Experiences trips and is the founder of Rich20Something. He teaches people how to start and grow a profitable side business using skills they already have so they can build and live the life they've always wanted. Looking for daily motivation to get you through the every day grind? You definitely want to check out his Instagram page.

Hear Daniel DiPiazza on the Live Different Podcast on #19: The Power of Consistency + Creating Massive Success with Daniel DiPiazza of Rich20Something.

Martin McGovern


Martin is the co-founder of Idea Lemon, a company designed to help you Discover Your Inner Awesome. He's traveled to Belize and Iceland with U30X, and kept traveling when he came home to Chicago. Idea Lemon and U30X went on a cross country road trip in August 2015 where Martin and Rajiv hosted U30X travel meetups all around the country. Martin recently quit his corporate job in marketing to dive head first into Idea Lemon and helping others make impact.

Want to learn more about the road trip? Check it out here.

Hear Martin McGovern on the Live Different Podcast on #4: How to Be Unconventional and Justify it with Rajiv Nathan & Martin McGovern.

Rajiv Nathan


Rajiv is the co-founder of Idea Lemon and sometimes inseparable from Martin McGovern. He's traveled to Belize and Costa Rica with U30X, and actually gave a Tedx Talk in Chicago based on his Costa Rica trip with us! If he's not helping others discover their inner awesome, you can find him on stage rapping in Chicago by the name Fenetik!

Hear Rajiv Nathan on the Live Different Podcast on #16: Do What Gives You Goosebumps with Rajiv Nathan of Idea Lemon

Carla Blumenthal


Carla was on the inaugural Nicaragua trip in 2013 and since then has quit her corporate job in search of a way to make authentic conversation easily accessible. She is the co-founder of Tea Plus Purpose, a monthly meeting group for woman that inspires authentic action oriented conversation over tea. She works to build environments of radical authenticity and in 2015 gave a Tedx Talk about discovering freedom in discomfort.

Hear Carla Blumenthal on the Live Different Podcast on #11: Debunking "Finding Your Passion" + Emotional Intelligence with Carla Blumenthal

Carrie Rich


Carrie Rich traveled to Nicaragua with U30X and is the co-founder and CEO of Global Good Fund, a leadership development enterprise built by and for social entrepreneurs. She created the Global Good Fund in 2012 based on the belief that growing leaders is the best solution to solving complex social problems and overall creating global good. She has been the recipient of countless awards including the POLITICO Woman Who Rule Award, Top 30 Startups To Watch, and the Stevie Award for Woman in Business.

Hear Carrie Rich on the Live Different Podcast on #8: Making Travel a Priority, Taking the Leap, and Finding World Class Mentors with Carrie Rich.

John Schnettgoecke


John Schnettgoecke came on an Under30Experiences trip during what he describes as a quarter life crisis... Soon after quitting his job, John returned to Central America to do some solo travel and in a freak motorcycle accident ended up in a Costa Rican hospital.  This is where he started drafting his book that is free today on Amazon! Pura Vida, A Thinker's Guide to Living: 12 "Must Answer" Questions on Happiness, Habits & Hustle for Mixed-Up Millennials

Hear John Schnettgoecke on the Live Different Podcast on #24 Escape Your Quarterlife Crisis and Find Happiness, Habits and Hustle with John Schnettgoecke.

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