The Best Beach in Costa Rica

Miles Rote
January 16, 2024

Discovering Paradise 

Costa Rica has some of the finest beaches in the world, but which beach tops them all?

That is the question we wanted to put to the test since we love lounging in hammocks and drinking from coconuts as much as you do.

So we dug our toes into the sandy research and even visited many of the beaches ourselves (hey, somebody's gotta do it).  

Our research unearthed many breathtaking beaches, strong opinions, and must-see spots, and our trips revealed much of the same.

But there one was beach in particular that kept coming up in the research and it happened to be our favorite as well.  In fact, it was recently named in the top 15 beaches in the world by Trip Advisor.

And we have a short video so you can experience it yourself.

So, what does the research indicate is the best beach in Costa Rica?

Playa Manuel Antonio

Neighboring the famous National Park of Manuel Antonio, this beach has it all.  The Costa Rican jungle crashes right onto the white sandy beach, and the water is a breathtaking blue.

Shade is offered by the trees and there is plenty of space to basque in the sun.  Even the view of the ocean is captivating with small islands peppering the blue horizon.

Just when you can't think it can't get better, there are daily sightings of toucans, monkeys, and large iguanas.  With this bonus, it also doubles as one of the greatest places to take photographs in all of Costa Rica.

It's the kind of place you pinch yourself to make sure it's real.

If you're feeling thirsty, kind and respectful locals (known as Ticos/Ticas) cruise the beach selling fresh, cold coconuts for only $2 bucks.  They cut it open right in front of you and happily give you a straw.

Pro Tip:  when you're done drinking the coconut water, ask them to cut it in half.  They're happy to do it and you can eat the delicious coconut meat right from the husk.  If you're lucky, they may even provide you with a spoon.

The Local Spot:

We do our best to take care of you at U30X and love being able to provide insider information.

In order to dodge the crowds and hustle and bustle of nearby businesses, we suggest you take a very short walk to an area even more gorgeous, and far less populated.

This area is known locally as, Playa Playitas.  Here, it will be much quieter and you will have plenty of space and trees to set up a hammock or lay out on the beach.

It looks exactly like this with #nofilter:


Now you know not only the best beach in Costa Rica, but the best spot on the best beach in Costa Rica.

And don't think this paradise is out of your price range.  One of our mostly highly reviewed trips is to Manuel Antonio with our Starter Costa Rica Group Trip. You can also opt to enjoy the rainforest as well with our Costa Rican 9 day trip.

Have you been to this beach or have another Costa Rica favorite?  Let us know and Pura Vida!

Miles Rote
Miles is the founder of Wellness Gangsters & author of the Become Yourself Newsletter where readers get high-level tips & resources to go next level.


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