Coffee & Tea Around the World

Jenny Dreyfuss
February 13, 2024

Coming in hot!

It’s no surprise that coffee & tea are the cups that keep us connected. These hot beverages remind us to slow down, enjoy life, and get to know the people around us (in my opinion, one of the best parts of travel!).

Let’s explore a few popular countries that we travel to and the cups of comfort that make us fall in love with their cultures on (explore our trips).

So, honest question... sugar, or no sugar? For reference, I am a highly caffeinated coffee addict, originally from Seattle, so I usually opt for black coffee. I know, I'm one of those.

Costa Rican Café

Costa Rican Cafe - Under30Experiences

Did you know that it’s illegal to produce anything other than 100% Arabica in Costa Rica!? No bad coffee here - literally, it's against the law. What makes Arabica coffee so special?

Arabica beans have a smoother taste, with notes of fruit, chocolate, nuts, and caramel. They are also lower in caffeine and more acidic, making them less bitter and easier to drink!

I'll never forget my first day on the U30X Costa Rica trip. We were driving to La Fortuna in the mountains, where we would spend the next few days. On the way, we stopped for empanadas and you guessed it - coffee.

The first sip of coffee in a new country is one of my favorite things. Small moments like that bring a new place to life for me and this was no exception. I was able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and be still. It wasn't in a to-go cup, we weren't in a rush - it was divine. I actually took a picture, because I enjoyed the moment, and taste so much.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea - Under30Experiences

Mint tea isn't just a drink in Morocco; it’s a sign of hospitality, friendship, & tradition. From the moment you arrive at your riad, you’ll be served! No, really - on my recent U30X Morocco trip, tea is everywhere, and it's beautiful. You will experience it in abundance and wish you had it at home. We had dinner in a local family home in Marrakesh, and the tradition of having tea was so beautiful. It's an experience that I am so grateful to have in my memory bank.

Fresh mint, water, green tea and sugar are usually the ingredients. It's a beautiful process getting to the tea! The water is boiled, poured, and re steeped several times. This gives it the beautiful taste that is incredibly memorable if you've ever been to Morocco!

The sugar is added to the brew, not the cup, which makes a world of difference and distinguishes the tea. Experience it for yourself.

Turkish Çay

Turkish Tea

Fun fact: Turkey has the highest per capita tea consumption in the world, making this country a jackpot for tea lovers. Enjoy traditional black tea with every meal - yep, we’re serious! On the U30X Turkey itinerary, you'll have endless opportunties to enjoy.

Tea in Turkey is traditionally without milk. Biscuits called kurabiye are usually served with tea in the afternoon. However, tea is welcomed in the culture whenever you'd like!

Argentinian Yerba Mate

Argentinian Yerba Mate

An herbal tea prepared with the stems and leaves of a South American shrub, the act of pouring and sharing is an act of love and dedication and an important part of Argentinian life! Shared by friends and strangers.

Want to explore this incredible tradition? Learn more.

Vietnamese Coffee (cà phê)

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is known for its production of Robusta beans, which have a more robust and intense flavor compared to Arabica beans. Fancy strong coffee with sweet condensed milk? Iced, please! Experience on our Vietnam & Cambodia trip.

Fun fact: Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee exporter behind Brazil!

Ever heard of Egg Coffee? This might sound insane at first, but trust us, it's delightful! Whipped egg, condensed milk and coffee makes up this famous Vietnamese order. If you like a coffee on the creamier side, look no further.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee

Grown at the source in the highlands of Guatemala, if you’re a hardcore coffee lover, this is paradise. Coffee is very symbolic of the country and its culture. Coffee has been one of their most important export crops since the early 1800s.

Safe to say, if you love coffee - Central America just might be your place! 

Jenny Dreyfuss
Jenny is a rad human who works at Under30Experiences! She's a 4x U30X alumni (Costa Rica, Thailand, Peru, Morocco), and an avid coffee enthusiast! Lover of the outdoors and passionate about international travel, she is a big advocate for getting outside of your comfort zone & maximizing life. Recently, Jenny completed the 80-mile trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and is heading to Europe next to backpack with her boyfriend through 4 countries!


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