Embrace The Uncertainty of Solo Travel

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

It's 11:16pm and I'm in the middle of nowhere...

Well, kinda. I'm sitting in the middle of the mountains at Puntos de Europa National Park in Northern Spain. I'm here on my own, in the back seat of my rental car.

Crickets chirping, a nearby river flowing, and the occasional raindrop on the roof of the car are the only noises I can hear.

Over the last couple weeks I've been giving the "wing it" style of travel a try – meaning I don't develop much of a plan and just see where the world takes me.

My travels in the past month have brought me from picturesque beach towns, to loud cities, and now, secluded mountain ranges.

Tonight, I'm surrounded by snow capped mountains, dense forests, and natural backdrops too beautiful for words.


It was all a mistake

My original plan was to book a last minute hostel in town. I'd meet a couple cool people, have a drink, share a meal, and go our separate ways for the rest of our lives. You know, the usual solo travel routine.

By the time I realized there was no space left in any hostels in this small town, I had already purchased my one way ticket and reserved a rental car.

Too late to turn back.

I embraced the uncertainty of the situation and boarded my bus to a new city.

When I arrived, I picked up my rental car and began asking for recommendations. The National Park caught my attention so I headed that way.

Twenty four hours ago I had no idea I'd be here, writing and sleeping from my rental car, surrounded by mountains. But, I embraced the uncertainty of the situation and it lead me to this new and beautiful place I never intended to see.


Uncertainty of solo travel

In any adventure there will be moments of uncertainty. There will be moments where you'll have to change your preconceived plans and hope for the best.

These moments are usually unwelcome surprises as they're occurring. Yet, in my experience, much of the magic of solo travel occurs in those moments of uncertainty. The moments where you leave yourself open to whatever the universe has in store for you.

Embrace the unknown with faith instead of fear and you'll find yourself greeting these moments of discomfort with excitement. Trust that wherever your travels (or your life) take you, you'll find a solution and an adventure you never could've imagined.


You can learn more about travel and fear on Eric’s personal site here.

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Eric Aguirre
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