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Get Published on the Under30Experiences Blog!

Miles Rote
October 1, 2019

Our award-winning Travel Blog is always looking for writers to publish their stories about travel.

Do you want to share your ideas with tens of thousands of people? Now is your chance.

Check out the details below and feel free to reach out with any questions to our content manager, Cat Sullivan.

IMPORTANT: Not all articles will be published. We receive a LARGE number of submissions and select only the best articles that fit our audience to post.

Why You Should Write For Us

Besides your work being potentially seen by tens of thousands of people, you will be joining a Community that extends around the world. Here are just some of the benefits why you should write for U30X:

  • Full authorship credit with links to your social media AND personal website (if you have one)
  • Chance to get $50 off your next trip with us (winner randomly chosen once per month)
  • Professional reference of being published on a reputable blog
  • Share your story and benefit the lives of others

Here is the type of content we are currently looking for.


At U30X, we seek to live fully, optimally, and happily. That's why we take unique adventures to more than a dozen places around the world.

Our blog is a reflection of that. We publish articles that help people become their best selves, whether that's learning about mindfulness, or why sometimes it's better to be sorry than safe.

Of course, we love to blog about travel as well. In addition to providing travel guides, we also show you how to #hacktravel, and share inspirational stories about how the transformative powers of travel have helped people.

To get a better idea of what we're looking for, make sure you check out our blog...but keep in mind we are open to publishing subjects of all different kinds as long as it vibes with our mission to curate content designed to help people live better.

Submission Process

If you feel like you have an article to write (or have written one) that is relevant to our blog, we highly encourage you to submit it to see if it's the right fit.

Here's the process:

  1. Create a Google document & write or copy/paste your article into it. Make sure you include the photos and create a backup. The cleaner & more organized, the better. Your photos should be optimized under 100kb. Here's a great free site to do it. For your main image, it should be at least 1200px. All others should be around 800px.
  2. At the bottom of the google document, add a headshot, short bio, and links to your social media so we can give you the credit if we publish your article.
  3. When complete, email catherine@under30experiences stating you are submitting an article for review and include the shareable link of your Google document so we can edit it.
  4. If your article is a good fit, we will make some final tweaks on the Google document, reach out to you for final approval, and then schedule it to be published.

Easy, right?

We look forward to making some magic with you.

Miles Rote
Miles is the founder of Wellness Gangsters & author of the Become Yourself Newsletter where readers get high-level tips & resources to go next level.




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